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For The Dead Travel Fast (Vinyl)

PLU: 727361500115
Format - LP
Genre - Metal
Release Date - 11/10/19

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Aptly entitled for the dead travel fast after german gothic poet gottfried august bürger, their doomed fifth record is a perilous journey into the land of the dead, a foray into the bleakest corners of our minds. A heavy, slow-paced, throbbing force of guitar, bass and drums, preciously enriched by spooky synths and a brooding narrative reminiscent of the victorian death-cult.

Beware, this is kadavar gone pitch-black! “old horror soundtracks and werner herzog’s ‘dracula’ had a huge impact on this album”, drumming maniac tiger states. think hawkwind with old pink floyd melodies, eerily sung to you from the grave by guitarist/vocalist lupus.

Primary Format - MusicVinyl
LabelNuclear Blast
Music GenreMetal
Music Genre PrimaryMetal

Side A

  • 1. The End
  • 2. The Devils Master
  • 3. Evil Forces
  • 4. Children Of The Night
  • 5. Dancing With The Dead

Side B

  • 1. Poison
  • 2. Demons In My Mind
  • 3. Saturnales
  • 4. Long Forgotten Song
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