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Monitors, sensors & controllers

JB’s range of temperature monitors & sensors allows you to heat or cool your home remotely, keep an eye on air quality, and monitor the conditions outside your home, no matter where you are. Our temperature monitors & sensors include all the big brands, and are great value, whatever your budget.

Brands you can trust your family’s health with

When you’re using technology to ensure the air in your home stays healthy, you want a brand you know you can trust. And if you’re relying on a gadget to heat or cool your house when you’re not there, it also has to be reliable. That’s why the big brands are worth it, and names such as Netatmo, Eve, Nest, Sensibo give you everything you need, including peace of mind

Top tech and great design

JB’s range of temperature and air quality monitors do more than just satisfy a need for information. They can help keep your home healthy and save money at the same time. And they do it all with state-of-the-art tech and the latest designs.

Outdoor weather stations help satisfy a curiosity for the climate and give you the latest info to help plan your day. But it’s what inside that really counts, and that’s where these appliances come into their own. They measure carbon dioxide levels in your home, as well as humidity, letting you know when it’s a good time to open a door or a window and let some fresh air in.

We spend way more time inside than we do outside, especially in the heat of summer and cold of winter, so it makes sense to get an idea of whether the air inside can be improved. And if you have family members with asthma or allergies, this kind of info can be invaluable. JB’s air quality and temperature monitors all synch with your smartphone or devices, or you can link them up with compatible Connected Home technology and do it all hands-free.

We’d all love that our house could be the perfect temperature when we arrive home in winter or summer, but running heating or cooling systems on and off all day can cost heaps. That’s where these monitors are extra valuable. If you have connected smart heaters and coolers you can switch them on only when they need to be on, and monitor the temperature as they take effect, whether you’re at work or on the drive home. You can also keep your home comfy and safe for your dog or cat during the day, helping them cope with weather extremes.

And with JB you can go one step further. One of our monitors actually talks to your heater or cooler, allowing you to control them no matter where you are. You don’t need to have smart appliances, all you need is an air con or heat pump that has a remote control. You can even use its location feature so it turns off automatically when the last person leaves home, or turns on as someone approaches. With all this tech, it’s easy to think these devices are complicated to use, but the opposite is true. All you need to do is turn them on and synch them to your devices. Some come with Apps, and you can connect to multiple stations in multiple areas. And they all look great, with aluminum bodies and sleek and easy-to-read displays.

Value when you need it most

Given the amount of work these gadgets do, and the money they can save you, the fact they cost so little is impressive. But the value doesn’t end with the top JB prices. Some models offer you a free lifetime personal account to store all your data, making it easy to see how your home copes with different weather extremes, and what actions can impact your family’s health over time.

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