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Cabinet-matching dishwashers

Add style, quality and big value to your kitchen with JB Hi-Fi’s cabinet matching dishwashers. Integrate them into your cupboards for a stunning finish.

Tough brands that look great

Big brands mean more than just cracking prices and top deals when it comes to JB’s range of cabinet-matching dishwashers. While it may seem like they’re all about style and finesse, brands such as Asko, Bosch and Beko do more than just add class and quality to your kitchen. These machines are built tough, giving you the kind of durability you wouldn’t have thought possible in something that looks so good. But that’s what big-brand dishwashers provide. They’ll be making your kitchen look slick for a long, long time to come.

Features You’ll notice

There’s no doubt choosing a cabinet-matching dishwasher from JB will add sophistication and class to your kitchen. They look great, have style oozing out of every feature, and are full of the latest technology. When you combine all that with cracking prices, these machines are almost too good to ignore. As mentioned above, these brands are tough. We have models that are made of steel, creating seamless doors and a reliability you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. When you combine that steel with delicate design touches and pure-metal switches, you get a dishwasher that suits any family and any kitchen. And the impressive designs continue inside as well.

We have models that have upper baskets that can do almost anything you want, with folding and detachable wine-glass holders and racks that fold down or spike up as you need them. You can also adjust the height of the bottom basket, giving you more space for bigger dishes. And we stock models that bathe your wine glasses in brilliant white light to show them off to the world, and internal LED lights that will last as long as your dishwasher does. While JB’s cabinet-matching dishwashers look beautiful, when it comes down to it, it’s what inside that counts. With a heap of different washing modes, you can have your dishes ready faster just by choosing a speed mode that reduces the program time by up to half. However, if you’ve got dishes you know are going to take a bit of work to get clean, then our range can help there as well. Intensive modes increase the pressure coming out of the spray arms and add more heat to finish the job. And special sensors can also measure how dirty your dishes are at the end of the pre-rinse cycle, adjusting the water where it can. We even sell models with hygiene programs that can be used for effective cleaning of things such as baby bottles. To prevent bacteria from growing on dishes, and washing away odors from chopping boards, our models can also heat up water to 70 degrees. That’s also ideal to get the labels off jars you want to reuse. And keeping those glasses stable even during the most powerful wash is simple with JB’s cabinet dishwasher range. Locking mechanisms can lift and secure glasses in place, positioned for safety and optimum cleaning and drying.

Value that makes a difference

Value doesn’t just come with top deals and quality warranties when you’re talking about JB’s cabinet matching dishwasher range. Different programs, different sizes and the latest technology mean you’ll find a model that will suit both your family size and your budget. All our big brands are huge on saving electricity and saving water. The star ratings prove that. And with a safety-first motto and low-maintenance designs, they put your family first in many ways.

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