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Bluetooth location trackers

Never lose anything again with JB’s range of Bluetooth location trackers, including the Tile Mate, Samsung Smart Tag2 & More. These trackers are game-changers - simply attach them to your valuables, connect to your phone, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your things are just a ping away!

What is a Bluetooth Location Tracker?

Bluetooth location trackers are devices that you can attach to your valuables to keep track of them using Bluetooth technology. Often small and lightweight, they can easily be affixed to various items you wish to track, like gadgets, key rings, credit cards, bags, and other essentials. They connect to your phone or computer and can even be integrated into your smart home system.

They are useful for keeping tabs on belongings or finding missing items that are too small to easily locate, ensuring peace of mind, especially when travelling.

Don’t let your valuables play hide and seek - make the smart choice and shop at JB. With deals and collections from top-tier brands, JB is your ultimate destination for the best Bluetooth location trackers in Australia!

How Do Bluetooth Trackers Work?

Bluetooth tracking devices utilise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to locate objects within a limited range. Through the Bluetooth tracker app on your smartphone, you can make the tracker emit a sound to locate items nearby or view its last known location on a map if it's out of Bluetooth range.

Some trackers also feature a "Community Find" function, where other users' apps can detect your lost item and send its location back to you, all while maintaining user anonymity.

What are the best Bluetooth tracker brands?

At JB, we pride ourselves on being the home of the best brands to give you only the best quality products - and that includes our Bluetooth location trackers. We carry premium items from some of the biggest tech brands like Tile and Belkin. We even have the latest Samsung Smart Tag 2 in white and black colour options.

Our collection of Tile trackers, in particular, includes:

What Makes a Good Bluetooth Tracker?

The best tracker for you will depend on what objects you’re trying to track and your specific requirements. When choosing a Bluetooth tracker, consider factors like:

  • Battery life: Some trackers have replaceable batteries, while others are rechargeable.
  • Range: Different trackers have different ranges. If you want to make life easier, opt for long-range trackers.
  • Size and Design: Choose a tracker that is suitably sized for the item you wish to attach it to.
  • Water Resistance: Check if it can withstand splashes or brief submersions.
  • Precision FindingCapabilities: Make sure it has a sufficiently loud ringer to help locate items. Some trackers have LED lights to assist in finding.
  • App Features: Some tracker’s app allows you to view their location history, which can be useful if the tracker is out of the Bluetooth range.
  • Compatibility: Ensure it’s compatible with your smartphone OS (iOS/Android).
  • Additional Specs: Some trackers also feature specs like Bi-Directional Finding and Separation alerts

How Do Bluetooth Trackers Differ from GPS Trackers?

Bluetooth trackers use BLE to locate objects within a limited range, while GPS trackers use the Global Positioning System to track the exact location of an item anywhere in the world using satellites.

Can Bluetooth trackers locate objects anywhere?

Bluetooth trackers have a limited range, and obstacles like walls, vehicles, and buildings can affect the signal and cause dropouts. Most can only track objects up to 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 meters) in open spaces.

Although some trackers have Last Known Location features. If an item is out of Bluetooth range, the tracker's app can show its last known location on a map, which is the last place your phone was connected to it.

Can Bluetooth trackers tell the precise location of a lost item?

While Bluetooth trackers can certainly assist in finding lost items, they do not provide real-time tracking or precise location data. When the item is within a certain range, typically around 100 to 200 feet, you can make the tracker play a sound to help locate it. If the item is out of range, the app can show its last known location, which is where it was last in range of your phone.

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