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In the middle of all the chaos of the season, there are plenty of reasons to take some time off and just enjoy a good night in with your favourite TV shows, music and movies. With cinema-quality screens and sound ready for any home, and a planet’s worth of content to watch both via streaming and off Blu-ray and 4K disc, it’s time to treat yourself to the ultimate night in!

home theatre projectors

Living Large

So much home entertainment is now designed to be enjoyed on the biggest possible screen. While many movie theatres still stick to the same projectors they’ve used for years, the current generation of projectors designed for the home have really stepped up their game, to the point where you can create a completely immersive movie and TV experience on the wall of your living room. 

Setting up a projector and a screen doesn’t mean taking over the room – the latest 4K projectors are discreet short-throw boxes (they can sit on a shelf in front of the wall) and if you want to go all-out with a screen, you only need to pull it out when needed (some are even motorised so you can bring out your screen at the touch of a button).

jb's top tips

  • Choose a projector with streaming apps on board for an instant night in.
  • A screen will make the picture much brighter and more immersive.
  • PICK UP: A soundbar for audio big enough to match the picture.

Smart tvs

Putting the Smart into TV

Of course, if you’re just looking to enjoy a night in on a smaller scale, you can still have a cinematic experience with the current range of smart TVs, many of which are breaking new ground in terms of picture quality and features.

 There are two main technologies to choose from here – OLED and LCD, each with their own advantages. OLED, with its millions of self-lit pixels, produces a rich and vibrant picture that’s unrivalled when it comes to the deepness of contrast (and they’re also superb for gaming).

 LED screens, on the other hand, usually offer better bang for the buck in terms of size – and quantum dot tech has brought their picture quality closer to that of OLED. Take your time to sample what’s on offer – but smart TVs are so good these days, it’s very hard to go wrong.

jb's top tips

  • Spend time comparing the picture on TVs in the store to find the one for you.
  •  If you’ll be watching 4K discs, make sure the TV supports Dolby Vision.
  • PICK UP: A universal remote to control your new TV and everything else.

media streaming

Stream On!

It’s a streaming world these days, and if you’re looking to enjoy the full range of online entertainment, you’ll want to get yourself a dedicated streaming device. 

While smart TVs come pre-loaded with streaming apps, a dedicated device will support much more than those – and usually do a much better job of streaming the highest-quality content. If you’ve got an older TV that still has a great picture, adding a streaming device will instantly smarten it up at very low cost.

jb's top tips

  • Streaming 4K video needs a solid broadband connection – make sure you have good Wi-Fi coverage for flawless streaming.
  • PICK UP: A mesh Wi-fi network system for rock-solid wireless internet.


Bring The Noise

While TVs just keep looking better and better, their slim designs mean there’s not a lot of room for speakers – so you get typically thin-sounding audio that’s adequate, but far from immersive. That’s why one of the biggest upgrades you can make for any TV is a quality soundbar. 

While they may have started out as an easy way to enhance TV audio, soundbars are serious business these days. You can set up a simple one to give your TV’s audio a lot more bite – or you can go all-out on a soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, complete with wireless surround speakers and subwoofer. 

Getting that true cinematic audio experience in your living room is quick and easy – which is why soundbars have become one of the must-haves for your TV.

jb's top tips

  • Wireless surround speakers still need to be plugged in to power – make sure you have nearby sockets.
  • The subwoofer is best placed in a corner for maximum bass.
  • PICK UP: Speaker stands to mount the surround speakers in the best position.

even more gift ideas

smart lighting

Watching TV in a completely dark room can be incredibly immersive, but also not all that comfortable on the eyes – which is why we’ve seen the arrival of smart lighting products designed to sit behind your TV and provide a soft backlight to make viewing more comfortable. With app connectivity, these lights can switch colour to match the content on the screen, making for a more immersive experience – known as “surround lighting” – while also solving that age-old problem of trying to find the remote in the dark!

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players & recorders

JB’s range of Smart TV, Blu-ray and DVD players and recorders are full of the latest technology and give you a heap of extra flexibility. Our players and recorders suit all TVs, allowing you to get the most out of your collection. And our portable players and recorders will make any trip a breeze.

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