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Brands that get the job done

Finding a vacuum or floor cleaner you know will get the job done every time is a big deal. At JB we have a huge range of big brands that have been cleaning Australia’s floors for generations. Electrolux, Dyson Bissell, Karcher, VaXn and Miele are just some of the big sellers you’ll find instore or online, whether you’re after a robot, hand-held or stick vacuum, carpet cleaners, steam mops or floor polishers.

Technology that sucks

When it comes to floor cleaners, technology and design go hand in hand. And our huge range has plenty of both. Our robot vacuum cleaners are some of the most advanced going around. They are designed to get into corners and clean right up to skirting boards. They don’t leave anything behind, and can even drive over obstacles up to 2.2cm high, making it easy to get around your house.

They can even look at your room like you do – in 3D – knowing which bits of furniture to go under or around. The robot big sellers also remember where they were if they need to recharge half way through a clean. They go back to the place they stopped at, even if that’s in a different room. And if having a robot that vacuums your house isn’t special enough, you can even control some of our models from your phone, no matter where you are in the world.
If you’re after the more mainstream manual vacuum cleaners, we’ve got plenty of those, too. Our range includes both the popular stick vacs and regular hose vacuums, full of technology and designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Both are suitable for hard floors or lush carpets, with stick vacs giving you the extra flexibility of not having a cord, and still having the power to do the job properly. Our stick vac models use direct drives to rotate their rollers, and the air filtration systems mean even the tiniest of dust particles are sucked up. And with long run times and short charge times, these height-adjustable cleaners have comfort written all over them.
Manoeuvrability is also something our hose vacuums have in droves. Our range includes models that quickly right themselves after they have fallen over, and easily steer around obstacles and corners. Inside they are also user-friendly, with larger bins, and carbon fibre elements that pick up almost everything, including animal fur and hair.
If you have a big cleaning job ahead of you, JB’s vacuum range also includes models that can be both steam cleaners and dry vacuums. And all our cleaners look great, are easy to store and include a heap of attachments that will keep all areas of your home clean.

Get great value first

Having such a big range of cleaners, and so many different types, means value is everywhere. Use our filter to search by type, price or brand to find some great deals across our entire range. You can check them out instore, or read all about them online by signing up to our Instant Deal emails.