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Ghost Reveries

PLU: 16861812324
Format - CD
Genre - Metal
Release Date - 28/08/05

Not yet reviewed.

This album, which is actually a concept album focusing on occult themes (which Akerfeldt hasn't written about in about 15 years) is one of the best of the year. It has the sound that we missed and longed for so many years. The pummelling, yet vibrantly beautiful guitars, low end and drummming that match perfectly provided by drummer Martin Lopez and bassist Martin Mendez, and brilliantly placed keyboard parts from Wiberg, all bring the album together in one of the most satisfying experiences ever felt in an Opeth album. Opeth is back with full force with "Ghost Reveries", and once they tour and play more of these songs live, expect the songs to just get better.
Primary Format - MusicCD
Music GenreMetal
Music Genre PrimaryMetal

Disc 1

  • 1. Ghost Of Perdition
  • 2. The Baying Of The Hounds
  • 3. Beneath The Mire
  • 4. Atonement
  • 5. Reverie / Harlequin Forest
  • 6. Hours Of Wealth
  • 7. The Grand Conjuration
  • 8. Isolation Years
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