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Brands that have changed cooking forever

JB isn’t just Australia’s leading home entertainment store. JB is also home to the world’s leading appliance brands, including the biggest names in microwaves. Brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Breville and LG have revolutionised cooking across the world, and JB has a large range of their very best. If you’re moving out of home and buying one for the first time, or renovating your kitchen and upgrading all your appliances at the same time, you’ll find what you’re after at JB.

Features that matter

You mightn’t think microwaves have changed much over the years. After all, they look pretty much the same as they did years ago, perhaps with a few extra buttons and a bit more bling. But take a closer look and you’ll see today’s microwaves are bigger and better than before. The technology has gone through the roof, but the value still remains. If you’re buying a new microwave to replace an old, broken one, or upgrading just because you can, you’ll notice the difference.

The first thing you’ll notice is the size. At JB, we have microwaves that can fit way more than you think, some up to a massive 42 litres. While they’re bigger inside they’re not too big outside. Space is a premium in most kitchens, and microwave design has moved with the times. They’re larger on the inside and smaller on the outside.

JB has a range of turntable sizes to fit most platters and dishes, and some of the big brands have developed more stable turntables to stop things tipping or spilling. And most also have a child lock, stopping the microwave from being turned on accidentally.
Today’s top-seller microwaves are about way more than just reheating, and they are easier to use than they were before. As well as reheating meals, and defrosting to perfection, cooking whole meals with a modern microwave is simple. Most of the big brands have inverter cooking models, meaning food is cooked more evenly than it ever has been, and there are a heap of different cooking levels – up to 10 on some models. They are also powerful, with some models putting out up to 1100 watts. And the technology doesn’t end there.

Today’s microwaves also include one-touch sensors, meaning your microwave knows exactly how long, and at what level, to cook your meal. Some even have sensors that can measure the humidity released from the food and calculate the cooking time for you. Cleaning your microwave is never fun, but now with the easy-to-clean surfaces across our entire range and even antibacterial coatings in some models, cleaning has been made simple.
And, of course, modern day microwaves, like all other appliances, come in a huge range of colours. At JB we have white, silver, black, stainless steel and even red to choose from, ensuring you can match your new microwave to your kitchen and other appliances.

Prices you notice

While microwave technology has gone through the roof, prices certainly haven’t. They were once a luxury item, and now they’re an integral part of every kitchen. When you think about what they can do, and see the great JB deals, you won’t believe the great value.