We Were Trying To Make It Out (Vinyl)

PLU: 9332727100031
Format - LP
Genre - Alternative
Release Date - 28/02/20
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Dot Dash and Remote Control are thrilled to announce Jeremy Neale's new album We Were Trying To Make It Out.

Sonically, ‘We Were Trying to Make It Out’ contains Neale’s penchant for melodic hooks, delivered coherently and directly without compromise or pastiche. This is the Jeremy Neale sound - the result of years of searching and refining - honest, fully realised and immediate. Guitar pop underpinned by classic songwriting is potentially the recipe for finding oneself outside the current musical climate but is also the hallmark of creating something truly timeless. This same timelessness is reinforced by the sentiments, themes and lyrical content of the record.

‘We Were Trying to Make It Out’ is a record written across two cities and two years. Early Jeremy Neale recordings might have read as a tribute to those who came before him, but here on his second record - he has found his sound and his voice.

Primary Format - MusicVinyl
LabelDot Dash
Music GenreAlternative
Music Genre PrimaryAlternative


  • 1. Everything I Do Is Replaced by Two
  • 2. Tried and True (Raise the Roof)
  • 3. The Strength to Carry
  • 4. Hold Me Up
  • 5. Our Days Are Numbered
  • 6. We Were Trying to Make It Out
  • 7. Still Want You Around Me
  • 8. Time
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Release Date - 28/02/20
Release Date - 28/02/20
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