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</h2><p>With so much freedom at your fingertips, it’s important to get a Connected TV that’s the real deal. JB is the home of big brands, and choosing from our Connected TV range means you’re buying an appliance built by the world’s best. TCL, Sony and Soniq TVs make set up simple and mean you can rely on them to deliver the goods every time you turn them on.     </p><h2>Big tech and a quality picture
Connected TVs are a great way to dip your toe into the Connected Home pool for the first time, or easily add value to your new Smart Assistant. JB’s Connected TV range includes models that are really convenient, simple to use and, hey, who wouldn’t love to change the channel, switch to Netflix or turn up the volume just by using your voice?  <br /><br />
You don’t need to spend hours connecting cables and working out complicated remotes, either. They all connect easily to the internet and to your compatible Connected Home Smart Assistants. And that’s not the only tech that makes them impressive. JB’s Connected TV range gives you picture quality like you’ve never had before, including state-of-the-art 8K technology. All our models give you detailed picture and colours, whether you’re watching sport, a movie or TV series, or surfing the web. 
<br /><br />Everything comes to life with fine details, and with both OLED and LED options, these TVs can detect hundreds of different objects and intelligently make them better, brighter and more realistic. Every shade is clear, even black, and every hue is realistic. The sound is also breathtaking, with our big brands joining forces with the world’s largest audio companies to produce cinema-quality sound with very little effort. And, of course, you may never need a remote again. </br> 
<br>Connect to your Smart Assistant and control your TV by raising your voice, not raising your arm to point a remote at the screen. If you prefer, some JB models have built-in Chromecast allowing you to stream thousands of Apps to your TV, including Apple. </br><br>And you can also link up your Connected Home security system or baby monitor to the TV to give you peace of mind before you get settled for the evening. You can even answer your Connected Home video doorbell from your couch. As well as working with the internet and Smart Assistants, JB’s Connected TVs also include a heap of HDMI and USB connectors, ensuring all your entertainment options are covered. And all the latest big brand Connected TVs from JB Hi-Fi look great. They’re slim, sleek and edgeless, and will look like a piece of art on your wall or your entertainment unit. </br><br>


Value that lasts ages

As one of Australia’s largest retailers, JB can offer top deals on a heap of Connected Home TVs, as well as long warranties that’ll help extend the value of your new TV for years to come. And don’t forget to keep up to date with our latest catalogues or sign up to our emails to get the latest offers before you’ll see them in our stores. Sign up to our Instant Deals for exclusive membership vouchers and the hottest offers we have.</p></div>