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Home internet & Wi-Fi

Find your ultimate networking gear in JB’s wide range of home internet and Wi-Fi essentials. From modem routers, mesh networking devices, powerline equipment and range extenders to Starlink satellite internet, we’ve got the goods to unleash unbeatable connectivity.

What are the best home Wi-Fi systems?

Quality home Wi-Fi is a must-have for work, rest, and play. And given how important home Wi-Fi is to every family member, having home internet you can rely on is top of the home entertainment list. That's where big brands come into their own. As well as reliability, big brand home Wi-Fi connection means:

  • The latest tech
  • Easy install
  • Big coverage
  • Top connectivity

JB's home internet products also include some of the biggest brands in the world, such as:

How to set up Google Home Wi-Fi?

Whether you're setting up a basic home internet connection or creating an entire Connected Home, setting up a Google home Wi-Fi is a breeze.

  • Download and open the Google Home app
  • Click the plus (+) sign at the top
  • Follow the prompts
  • Choose the right network

There may be a few more tiny steps when setting up a mesh network, but one of the great things about JB home Wi-Fi devices is they're designed for all levels of tech savviness.

What makes Starlink unique?

Aside from faster speeds and consistent performance, Starlink Internet stands out for features like:

  • Ideal for travellers, RV owners, and remote workers.
  • Expanding network coverage in remote and urban areas.
  • It comes with a portable Starlink kit that makes you stay connected on the go.
  • Easy activation, easy installation and resistance to weather damage.

Is a mesh system better than a router?

Wherever you are, your tablet, phone, computer, or connected home device will connect to the nearest home Wi-Fi point. And if you only have a router, then that's the point they'll find. With a mesh home Wi-Fi system, the individual devices act like a single network, working together to produce the best signal. So, with a mesh home Wi-Fi setup, you may get

  • Faster speeds
  • More reliable connection
  • Better and wider coverage

What home networking devices do I need?

At JB, there's a range of products that can help you create the perfect home Wi-Fi for you and your family. They include:

  • Modem routers. Combining the function of a modem and a router, modem routers allow you to connect to the internet via your ISP while also managing your local network.
  • Mesh routers. This Wi-Fi system uses multiple interconnected devices to eliminate dead spots and create a seamless wireless network.
  • Powerline products. This equipment creates networks via your power points.
  • Switches. These products connect a range of devices and help them share info.
  • Range extenders. A great way to extend the reach of your current modem and router.
  • Wi-Fi and USB adaptors. Improve your home Wi-Fi via your USB port.
  • Satellite internet. Offers fast and dependable connections even in the most remote locations.

Think it's time to upgrade your home internet? Shop at JB in-store and online today and find the perfect device for lightning-fast internet and seamless connectivity!

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