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Brands that know their stuff

Finding a freezer brand you can trust is a big deal, whether you’re replacing an old one, upgrading to a bigger and better one, or even buying one for the first time. Like most appliances, freezer technology has come a long way, so it makes sense to choose from a brand that has been in the business almost since the beginning. At JB, you’ll find all the big sellers, including Haier, Hisense, Westinghouse and Beko. Our big-brand range of both upright and chest freezers means you’ll always find a great deal on a freezer that gives you exactly what you want.

Fast, easy and portable

Every family and every home is different, so finding a freezer that’s the right size for your home and your family is a big deal. We have big sellers that come in heaps of different sizes, meaning they can fit into your kitchen, your laundry and even your shed (make sure you check the manual first). There are benefits to buying either a chest or an upright freezer, and both types are full of great features. Starting from the outside, digital controls make it easier to keep temperatures consistent, and finger print resistant stainless steel models make it simple to keep everything clean. Anti-bacterial seals also help with cleanliness, and our chest freezers have lightweight and spring-loaded lids that open with ease. Some chest freezer models also have adjustable feet, and can even be wheeled around on castors.

When it comes to what’s inside our huge freezer range, space is a big deal. Clever design equals flexibility, whether you want a compact 90 litre upright or a massive 700 litre chest freezer. Flexibility continues into the storage options, with plastic baskets and drawers allowing for both easy and jam-free access. Choosing one of our upright models means manually defrosting the freezer is a thing of the past, with technology that prevents ice forming, freeing up valuable storage space. Even with our chest freezers, defrosting is nowhere near as hard as it used to be. JB’s freezer range includes models that allow for easy defrosting, and some also have a water drain, resulting in maintenance-free operation. And, of course, you’d only expect the fastest and the best from JB. Our chest and upright range features models with the latest quick-freeze and air circulation technology.

Value is everywhere

For almost 50 years, JB has been famous for low prices in home entertainment, so it makes sense that for more than a decade we’ve been offering great deals on appliances such as freezers. Before you check out our online catalogue, use our filter tool on this page to find the freezer that suits you and your family best. You can search by brand, measurements, energy ratings, or capacity. And, of course, you can search by price. JB continues to offer big value on big brands, and with great interest-free deals on all our whitegoods, we’ve got all budgets covered. Bulk supermarket deals mean most Australians need more freezer space and JB knows how important being able to cook all the week’s meals in one go is. So with top deals on all our big sellers, the time is right to upgrade or replace your freezer, or even buy a new one to go alongside your fridge to give you even more space.