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Snap, shoot, and film with JB's range of cameras and accessories! We have instant, action, and mirrorless cameras, as well as vlogging essentials from brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon, DJI, Fujifilm, and GoPro - plus lenses and SD cards. Capture it all at JB!

What are the best cameras for photography?

JB is the place to go for all kinds of cameras, whether you’re after still, security or video cameras, or perhaps all of them. Our wide range of cameras includes all the big brands, at top prices. If still photography is your thing, our big range of cameras includes:

If you’re looking for video cameras, we’ve got a heap of different cameras for you, including:

And don’t forget our range of camera accessories including gimbals, tripods, microphones, batteries, chargers, and camera bags.

What are the best security cameras?

JB has a big range of security cameras at great prices. We’ve got big-brand home security cameras, CCTV cameras for your office, and a lot of wireless security cameras for both. As well as a heap of cameras, our range includes:

Finding the best security cameras for your needs includes understanding exactly what those needs are, and speaking with our team about what options will suit. Whatever cameras or systems you choose, you can be guaranteed they’ll include.

  • Big tech. Home security cameras can be just as good as the business systems.
  • Easy to install. Stick them where you want, connect to your Wi-Fi and you’re ready.
  • Cloud storage. Automatic backup and archiving as you want it.
  • Great value. Cameras for all budgets.
  • Choose as many cameras as you want, and add to them as you need.
  • Smart home compatible. Connect and control them for extra security.

What are disposable cameras?

You might be surprised to find a disposable camera among our big camera range, but catering to all needs with quality gear is one of the things we’re proud of at JB. A disposable camera:

  • Uses film, not digital
  • Is just point and shoot
  • Is easy to use
  • Is thrown out after the photos are developed

JB also has a big range of instant cameras, which also use film but aren’t disposable. You get the fun of printing out your photos straight away, with some cameras coming with their own printer. Our big brand instant cameras include:

What are mirrorless cameras?

A mirrorless camera can do pretty much anything DSLR, or digital, cameras can. Mirrorless cameras produce professional quality photographs and are used by a growing number of professional photographers. Some of the extra benefits of mirrorless cameras can include:

  • Lighter
  • Smaller
  • No moving parts
  • No mechanical parts
  • Cheaper

What is the best camera to buy for a beginner photographer?

As any professional photographer will tell you, when you’re starting out, choose whatever cameras you can and learn, learn, learn. With a big range of quality DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market, throwing yourself into the deep end with a big-budget model can be attractive. But it may pay to start at the other end, to choose cameras that suit your budget and are easier to use straight away. JB has a range of compact digital cameras that can help you do just that.

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