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Dyson fans

Experience the innovative design and superior performance of Dyson fans at JB HI-FI. Whether you’re looking for a cooling fan for those hot summer days or a bladeless fan for safety and convenience, you’ll find the perfect match in our fan sale, offering exceptional value.

Do Dyson fans actually cool the room?

Dyson fans are great at circulating air in a room. They don't lower the temperature like air conditioners, but they create a cool breeze using powerful airflow and air multiplier technology. This makes you feel cooler, especially in Australia's summer heat.

How does a Dyson bladeless fan work?

Since Dyson fans do not have the traditional fan blades, they do not move air through a rotating motion. Instead, they work by pulling air in with a motor. This air is then amplified as it passes through a circular frame. It's a pretty nifty process – the fan creates a steady, powerful airflow without any fast-spinning blades. This makes it safer and easier to clean, and it's a hit in homes, especially for its sleek look.

What makes Dyson fans so popular?

Despite only being around for less than two decades, Dyson fans have already garnered a massive following. Here’s why they’re trending in Australia (and the world):

  • Bladeless Design: They're safe and look super sleek - perfect for modern homes.
  • Air Multiplier Technology: This means smoother, more powerful airflow. It's great for cooling down a whole room.
  • Quiet Operation: They're much quieter compared to traditional fans. Ideal for a peaceful environment.
  • Air Treatment: Many models also have built-in air purifiers and even HEPA filters that detect and remove allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. In short, a big plus for air quality.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Without blades or grills, cleaning is a breeze.
  • Smart Features: Some models offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Dyson Link app compatibility, remote control, customisable oscillation, and even voice control.
  • Efficiency: They're energy-efficient, which is good for both the environment and your power bills.

Can Dyson fans replace air conditioners?

Dyson fans are great, but they're not quite the same as air conditioners. Here's why:

  • Cooling Method: Dyson fans circulate air but don't lower the room's temperature. Air conditioners actually cool the air.
  • Energy Use: Fans generally use less energy than air conditioners.
  • Installation: Fans are easier to set up and move around. Air conditioners often need more permanent installation.
  • Air Purifying: Some Dyson fans have air purifying features, making them your all-in-one fan, air purifier, and humidifier. Most air conditioners do not have these air filtration systems.

So, while Dyson fans are awesome for airflow and can make you feel cooler, they don't replace the temperature-lowering ability of air conditioners.

However, you can use a Dyson fan simultaneously with your air conditioner. In fact, using them together is a smart move. It helps distribute the cool air from the air conditioner more evenly throughout the room. You might also be able to set the air conditioner at a higher temperature because the fan makes the room feel cooler, potentially saving on energy costs.

Are there other Dyson products I can buy at JB?

Absolutely! JB is your ultimate destination for anything Dyson in Australia. Our fantastic range of Dyson products goes beyond just fans and includes:

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