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Gamers have never had it so good, with the broad range of console and PC hardware and incredible games available. The vibe this year is staying connected via gaming, with great experiences for multiple players, be they in the same room or on the other side of the world. From new hardware to accessories to the latest in games, there are plenty of gift choices to have your favourite gamer levelling up in style.

nintendo switch

Flick the Switch!

The big all-rounder games console this year is Nintendo’s brilliant Switch which, depending upon the model you opt for, can be played both attached to a TV or on the go.

There are three models, starting with the portable-only Switch Lite, moving onto the original TV/ portable combo and then the recently released OLED version, which totes all the bells and whistles.

jb's top tips

  • If buying a console as a gift, always make sure to include a game so the lucky recipient has something to play on it straight away.
  • PICK UP: A beefy MicroSD memory card.

Switched On Gaming!

Wondering what’s hot games-wise for the Switch this year? You can’t go wrong with any of these top-selling choices.

jb's top tips

  • Is the game you’ve chosen age-appropriate? All games carry Australian standard ratings notifications to help you choose.
  • PICK UP: A Switch Pro Controller.

gaming accessories

Ready, Headset, Go...

While you want the gamer in your life to have fun, you don’t always want to hear every beep, bloop or gunshot that they fire. Then there’s multiplayer games where they can talk to their teammates. Kill two birds with one stone with a top-quality microphone-packing headset, with choices often featuring surround audio so players will know when somebody’s creeping up sneakily from behind.

jb's top tips

  • If you come across “open back” and “closed back” headsets, the difference is an easy one – the former lets some real-world sound in (like, “Dinner’s ready!”), while the latter isolate the user into their own ambient noise-free sonic bubble.

Get In Control

Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you that a spare controller never goes astray, especially with so many top couch multiplayer games available. Whether your particular gamer is of the PS5, Xbox, Switch, PS4 or PC persuasion, there are top options from both original and third-party manufacturers.

jb's top tips

  • Make sure that you know which system your recipient has, to ensure that what you get works with what they’ve got. This also applies to headsets and many other accessories.
  • PICK UP: Performance Thumbsticks.

Top 10 Must Have Gaming Accessories

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