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Christmas belongs to kids. Their excitement and anticipation in the lead-up to the big day is what it’s all about. From the hottest new games to the latest wearables, JB Hi-Fi has the gifts to cater to all kids this Christmas.

Head Outdoors

The warm weather is here, so now is the perfect time to head outside and enjoy some entertainment in the sun. There are plenty of ideas for the kids to play with in the great outdoors. 

A pair of Walkie Talkies offers endless fun, with some models featuring Kid-Zone to block out any unwanted conversations. And for going mobile, consider a kid’s electric scooter, go-kart, or electric skateboard – they’ll be the envy of the street.

jb's top tips

  • Make sure you pick up a helmet. It’s illegal to ride without one, and they’re a safety essential!
  • Each state or territory has different rules and regulations surrounding electric rideables, so make sure you check local laws before riding.

Smart Wearables

Nothing encourages kids to get active more than the latest wearable on their wrist. Smartwatches don’t only look cool, but they keep and track fitness stats, offer games, and set fitness challenges to compete.

And some models offer full two-way talk with parents and guardians and GPS functionality, so the wearer’s location is always known.

jb's top tips

  • Choose a wearable that is age-appropriate.
  • Look for a wearable with a rugged build and waterproof ratings for when kids play rough.

board games

Go Traditional

Sometimes it’s good to unplug our entertainment and opt for a more traditional gift choice for kids. That’s where the classic board game comes, quite literally, into play. 

JB now ranges an enormous selection of board games and trading cards to cater to just about every interest. And for lovers of pop culture, check out the huge selection of collectibles like figurines and mugs, plus your favourite T-Shirts from the Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars universes!

pro tip

Don't forget the batteries
Did you ever wake up on Christmas morning as a kid, frantically rip the paper off your presents and then realise that you didn’t have any batteries for any of the toys? Yep, it sucks, so make sure you’re pre-loaded with all the batteries you need!

Other Essentials

The allure of instant cameras never gets old and is always a welcome gift idea for capturing those special occasions. Is your child mad on music?

A set of roll-out drums for the aspiring musician or a pair of headphones will fit the brief. Affordable phones and tablets for staying in touch or watching cartoons on the family road trip are great options. 

And finally, don’t forget chargers, portable power banks, and other essential cables. These are perfect stocking fillers!

hear this

If you’re buying headphones for the little ones in the family, there are a couple of key considerations to bear in mind. Headphones designed for children should always have a volume limit to avoid hearing damage, so make sure that the pair you’re buying has this feature. Comfort is also essential. You want a pair that fits snugly over the ears and can be worn for long periods. Finally, get a durable pair. Kids’ headphones are invariably going to be dropped, stood on, and thrown, so opt for a pair with a rugged build.

Top 10 Games for Families


even more gift ideas

E-scooters & rideables

JB’s range of electric rideables includes the latest electric scooters, electric bikes and electric skateboards. 

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kids trackers

JB’s kids smart watch models are fun, safe and all look great. There’s a heap of built-in parental controls and safety features, friendly step competitions and there’s even a way to make kids want to do more around the house. 

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Card & board games

Card games and board games have come into their own again, and there’s a huge range at JB. Find the best, latest, kids, and classic board games, party games and trading card games online and instore.

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