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Whether you’re looking to pick up a Hollywood classic, a TV series to binge on, an essential wildlife doco or the latest big screen release, JB have got it all under one roof on DVD, Blu-ray or in the jaw-dropping splendour of 4K. And why not add some cool film-themed collectibles to the pile, too? Who doesn’t want a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 replica under their tree this Christmas?

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Doting on Blu-Ray & DVD

The ‘spinning wheel of death’ comes in many forms. You may know it from your word processor grinding its brain cells together, or perhaps as your phone tries its damnedest to load a news clip, or maybe its most irritating shape of all: your TV’s desperate attempt to access a film which you’re dying to see. 

 Enter the brilliance of Blu-ray and DVD! Owning movies in their physical form means you can banish the internet goblins from your movie-going experience completely and they won’t disappear from your digital library because, officially, you don’t actually own them. Not to mention that your meaty collection lets the world know you’re a movie connoisseur, and looks gorgeous proudly displayed on the shelf.

top 10 4k releases

Frothing For 4K

Ultra-high definition is the ultimate in quality viewing. With a 4K enabled television at your fingertips, there’s no better way to bring that big cinema experience with the films that you love right into your own lounge room. 

You’re going to want to check out the fantabulous classics and newies out for your shopping pleasure: there’s the brilliant six-movie collection of Resident Evil, the original Karate Kid triple pack, the full Back to the Future trilogy, and the complete swashbuckling adventures of Uncle Indy.

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A Bounty of Box Sets

Whatever you get up to over the Christmas holidays, you’ll always find time for one of our favourite pastimes: box set bingeing. You know it, you love it, you simply must get around it when your belly’s so stuffed with Christmas lunch that you can’t comprehend doing anything else. 

Get into the best box sets out, with seven seasons of Ray Donovan, six of Sex and the City, and so many seasons of NCIS (the original plus Los Angeles and New Orleans) and you won’t have to leave the couch for a week. There’s also Freaks and Geeks, Line of Duty and bucketloads more.


There’s movie collectibles coming out the wazoo! You’ll be ready to fight the slimiest of ghosts with a scale replica of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 (which features doors that open, wheels that move, and a blaster seat that swings out); Spidey’s looking frikkafresh in his upgraded suit for the new No Way Home Pop! Vinyl; share a romantic moment between Jack Skellington and Sally with a beautiful The Nightmare Before Christmas poster; and take a gander at the extremely cute Christmas-themed figurines available like Gingerbread Spidey, adorable festive Groot (with glow-in-thedark baubles), and National Lampoon’s Clark Griswold getting into the Santa spirit! Meanwhile, Funko have pulled out all the stops with their Holiday Advent Calendars, featuring figurines from Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z and The Office!

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