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We’ve all got those people in our lives who are just consumed with all things music. Most of us are happy to have music as a soundtrack to our lives to go with the noises of the outside world. The music fanatic sees it differently. Music is the one true art form, the album is a thing to be treated with respect, and the artists that make it all happen are timeless.

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The Vinyl Re-Evolution

One thing that many long-time music fans felt was missing from the move to streaming was the experience of the album – a cornerstone of popular music since the first electric guitar was plugged in.

plugged in. Playing vinyl is a ritual. It all begins at JB sifting through the record racks looking for that elusive find. A record is a 12-inch by 12-inch canvas where all the artwork details on an album spring to life. Lyrics and sleeve notes are there to be digested, and this is even before you put the album on a platter. The warm, analogue sound is simply irreplaceable.

It’s no surprise, then, that vinyl’s back in a big way – though now, it’s a whole new generation of music fans that are discovering the unique experience of vinyl for the first time. With this resurgence has come a new emphasis on sound quality, an explosion of coloured-vinyl records, and a modern range of record players to enjoy them on.

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Put the Needle On The Record

Sometimes, you just want to listen to the big songs that connect you to an artist or band, and a well-done Greatest Hits album delivers the goods – perfect to introduce a music fan to something different. On vinyl, it’s that extra bit more special.


Put the Needle On The Record

Whether you call them record players or turntables, the good news is that the devices you can buy to play your records are offering more features than ever before. 

Taking advantage of advances in design over decades – and adding some very 21st century perks like Bluetooth – there’s no longer a need to find and fix old players from the past.

 Even better, this new generation doesn’t need the special “phono” input on an amplifier to work. You can plug these into anything from a home theatre system to a portable speaker and get vinyl playback without the hassle.

pro tip

Which Turntable - Belt Drive or Direct Drive?

You’ll find one of two types of “drive” mentioned for a turntable when you’re shopping for one – but what’s the difference? Belt drive, as the name suggests, spins the record using a rubber belt between a tiny motor and the record platter. By keeping the motor away from the record, you hear less noise from vibrations – but belts eventually need to be replaced. Direct drive turntables mount the platter directly on a motor, and deliver highly accurate speed and reliability, which is why they’re preferred by DJs.

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Compact disc is still hugely popular for its pristine digital sound quality, and is enjoying its own resurgence. From the return of Swedish pop legends to the rise of a new pop superstar, CDs have everyone’s favourite music covered.

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