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Brands That Know Their Stuff

When you’re buying a stove, oven or cooktop, you want to buy a brand you trust, a brand you know is going to be reliable and do what it says it will do. JB is the home of all the big sellers and the big brands, so you know our huge range will do all that and more. Westinghouse, Beko, Electrolux and Euromaid are world leaders in appliances of all kinds, and their cooktops, ovens and stoves are proof of why. If it’s time to upgrade, you can trust us to find a big brand that suits your needs and your kitchen perfectly. If you’re replacing an old favourite, then JB’s the place to go to find exactly what you’re after. And if you’re renovating, match our cooking range with our other huge selection of appliances to make your new kitchen stand out.

Features That Make Cooking Easy

Take one look at our range of stoves, oven and cooktops and you’ll realise that cooking has never been easier. Big brands means big technology, but not the kind of technology you need an engineering degree to use. In fact, it’s the opposite. JB’s cooking appliances are so easy to use, you’ll probably never need to look at the manual at all. Starting inside, having to worry about meals cooking unevenly is a thing of the past.

Our stoves and ovens do it all for you, making sure that no matter what you’re cooking, or whether you’re using gas or electricity, it’ll be cooked exactly the way you want. Some models even have internal probes to make sure you never overcook a roast again. And given how time poor everyone is, our stove and oven range includes models that have fast heat-up times, so you can get on with cooking or spending time with your family. Today’s ovens and stoves also include dual zone heat elements, and some even have different cooking spaces, allowing you to cook more than one meal at a time. Imagine being able to cook dinner and dessert together, allowing you to enjoy the company of your dinner guests, instead of constantly checking the pudding.

Cooktop technology is also impressive, and our range of options can make even boiling water that little bit easier. You’ll have precise control when cooking on our cooktops, and some models include a pause button, dropping the hotplates to a Keep Warm function so you can deal with interruptions. Induction technology means you can cook more quickly if you want, and our models have a heap of functions aimed at keeping your family safe in the kitchen.

Safety is also something our stove and oven range is big on. Oven doors are multi-layered, helping keep the heat in and making sure little hands don’t get burnt if they wander.
It really shouldn’t be a surprise that all this technology makes cleaning easy as well. Our stoves, ovens and cooktops all have easy-clean options, some even self-clean, meaning sticking your head in an oven full of caustic cleaning chemicals is a thing of the past.

And, of course, they wouldn’t be JB appliances if they didn’t look great and fit into any kitchen. With a range of different sizes, and some stunning designs, it’s little wonder so many people choose JB for their home appliances.

Deals You’ll Love

Whether you want to be a super chef, or just want something that’ll cook your favourite meals better than ever, JB has stove, oven and cooktop options for all budgets. We’re famous for having top deals on big sellers, and you’ll find plenty of those online or instore. Check out our great interest free deals while you’re there, to help you get the oven of your dreams.