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Brands that make everything easier

JB is the home of big brands, and when it comes to dishwashers they don’t get any bigger. With models from Asko, Bosch and Electrolux, you know you’ll get top-quality appliances and cracking prices across the whole range. And big brands also mean you’re guaranteed reliability no matter what your budget, and access to a heap of functions that make things easier.

Features across the whole range

JB’s big brand built-in dishwashers give you everything you need in a quality kitchen appliance. They look great, fit almost anywhere, are full of all the latest tech and give you the flexibility to wash what you want how you want. With a heap of different functions and programs, you can delay your wash to start when you’re ready, and reduce wash times by up to 50% when you’re on a tight deadline.

And our models also give you flexibility when you open the door, with adjustable, divisible and removable trays and cutlery baskets, and pins and clasps to keep all your wine glasses safe and clean. We even have models with bottom racks that lift up and out to make loading and unloading simple. And it’s so easy you can do it with just two fingers. Once you’ve used this feature you’ll wonder why you have been doing it the usual way all your life. Of course, our built-in dishwashers have more spray zones than you can poke a pair of tongs at, and our models are all gentle on your dishes, but harsh on the stuff that’s hard to get off. With a range of different place setting options, you’re guaranteed to find one that’ll fit your household, no matter what size it is.
And then there’s all the tech. Some of our models use residual heat from the main cycle to rinse and dry dishes, reducing temperature shock to delicate dishes and saving energy. Sensors can also detect the number of dishes you have stacked up, adjusting the amount of water needed, saving water and energy, and giving your dishes the wash they need. We even stock built-in dishwasher models that can work out how dirty your dishes are at the end of the pre-rinse cycle, reusing the water if possible and saving a heap. Our dishwashers can also transform the entire bottom shelf into a power cleaning zone at the press of a button. Water pressure is increased, saving you the hassle of hand-scrubbing those annoying pots and pans.
As well as being powerful, our built-in dishwashers are quiet and durable, with pumps that work without brushes, and drains that eliminate the gurgle sound that can wake up an entire household in the middle of the night. There’s also the cute tech stuff, with models that allow you to save your favourite wash program, and options that show you how long a cycle has left by shining a light beam on the floor. Safety is also a huge thing for our dishwashers. They can be easy to install, and anti-flood protection saves you coming home to an ugly floor-wrecking mess.

Value you can see

As well as the great prices and top deals, JB’s built-in dishwashers offer big value with their energy efficiency and water-saving measures. They focus on using every drop of water as effectively and efficiently as possible, with impressive stats such as the ability to generate the cleaning power of 4000 litres of water from as little as 12.3 litres per wash. And with hundreds of hours of quality testing and control, you know your JB built-in dishwasher will live up to its reputation for sustainability, durability and performance for years to come.