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Copilot+ PCs

See how advanced AI can revolutionise your tasks with JB’s range of Copilot+ PCs. Featuring top picks from brands like Microsoft, HP and Lenovo, these PCs bring you the most advanced AI models and unbeatable processing power - opening up new possibilities for what you can achieve.

Unleash the Potential of AI with Copilot+ PCs

Get ready for a whole new level of PC power. Copilot+ PCs are now available at JB, and they're redefining what a PC can do. Packed with next-gen AI features, these machines are about to blow your mind.

With its supercharged processors, long-lasting battery life, and advanced artificial intelligence, they’re the fastest and smartest Windows PC ever built. Whether you’re working hard or creating cool stuff, these PCs make everything easier and way more fun. Grab yours today and prepare to skyrocket your productivity and creativity!

Meet the New Copilot+ PCs

Dubbed the fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever built, the new Copilot+ PCs are Microsoft’s latest win at computing innovation.

These PCs come loaded with advanced neural processing units (NPUs) and the latest processors, allowing them to perform up to 40+ trillion operations per second. This makes them not only incredibly fast but also smart enough to handle complex AI tasks directly on the device.

With a robust battery life and enhanced security features, Copilot+ PCs are built to be both powerful and practical for everyday use.

Advanced AI Meets Cutting-Edge Tech

The advanced AI in Copilot+ PCs makes them super smart, changing how you use your computer. At the core of this is the Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which lets the PC do complex AI tasks right on the device. This means things get done faster and more smoothly, without needing to wait for data to bounce back from the cloud.

For example, the generative AI in Cocreator, helps you create or tweak images right there in your programs like Paint or Photos. You describe what you want, and it helps bring your ideas to life, all without any waiting.

All these features mean that Copilot+ PCs are not just faster and easier to use, but they actually feel like they’re thinking along with you, making everything you do a bit easier.

Copilot+ Features that Redefine What’s Possible

Copilot+ PCs are a leap into a new era of computing, built with exciting AI features that make everything you do faster and easier. Here’s how these AI PCs are changing the game:

  • Powerful AI Integration: Each Copilot+ PC comes with a built-in high-performance Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that works alongside the CPU and GPU. This trio boosts your AI experience, speeding up everything from AI-driven image creation to real-time language translation.
  • Revolutionary Recall Feature: Forget the hassle of searching for files or remembering where you left off. Recall helps you instantly access past activities on your PC, using AI to remember and retrieve documents and web pages based on your previous interactions.
  • Cocreator for Real-Time Creativity: Jump into creative projects with Cocreator, which allows you to generate and edit images almost instantaneously within apps like Paint and Photos. This feature uses the NPU to handle complex edits, letting you see changes in real time.
  • Extended Battery Life: Engineered for endurance, these PCs offer configurations that allow more hours of video playback and web browsing than most PCs.
  • Live Captions and Language Translation: Live Captions translate audio from over 40 languages into English in real time. It’s perfect for enjoying content and collaborating globally.
  • Enhanced Security: With the Microsoft Pluton Security processor enabled by default, these PCs offer top-tier security right out of the box. Plus with secure new features in the Windows 11 operating system, you’re protected while you explore all that the internet has to offer.
  • Windows Studio Effects: Improve your video calls and meetings with Windows Studio Effects. It adds cool features like background blur and auto framing in real-time, making every chat look clearer and more professional.

The Latest Copilot+ PCs at JB

Want to experience this cutting-edge AI tech for yourself? JB’s got the latest Copilot+ PCs to supercharge your digital world! Choose from our range of:

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop (7th Edition): Powered by the groundbreaking Snapdragon X Elite chip, these laptops are fast, sleek, and smart and redefine what you can do on the go. Plus, with multiple colour and storage options, there’s something to suit your style and needs.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro (11th Edition): With its OLED display and ultra-fast Snapdragon X Elite processor, it’s your best bet for all-day productivity. Plus, it’s got a unique kickstand that lets you switch from tablet to desktop mode in a snap.
  • HP Omnibook X: This PC's powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon X 1E78100 12-core processor and dedicated AI engine allow it to tackle tasks swiftly. Plus, with its 14-inch 2.2K touchscreen and enhanced communication tools, like a 5MP camera and the new Windows Studio Effects, it’s built to keep up with your busiest days.
  • Lenovo Yoga S7: Packed with a Snapdragon X Elite processor and a powerful 14.5-inch 3K OLED display for vivid visuals, this PC is a powerhouse for creativity and productivity. Plus, with Dolby Atmos speakers and noise-cancelling mics, every session is a blast of clarity and sound.
  • Asus Vivobook S 15: Harnessing the advanced Copilot+ AI tech with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor and a pioneering 120Hz OLED NanoEdge display, this laptop is designed to turbocharge your productivity like never before.

Grab Your Copilot+ PC at JB Now!

Whether you're a creative powerhouse, a productivity ninja, or just sick of slow computers, Copilot+ PCs are built to keep up with you. So, head over to JB and grab a Copilot+ PC today! These AI PCs are perfect for speeding up your tasks and sparking your creativity.

Want more options? Check out our wide range of Windows laptops, Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, travel laptops and even Apple Macbooks. There’s something here for everyone! Find your perfect tech companion at JB now!

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