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Gaming accessories

Take your gaming to the next level with JB’s range of gaming accessories. Our gaming accessories include all the big brands, which means great value and gaming accessories you can rely on. Find the perfect headsets, chairs, mice, controllers, keyboards, and much more online or instore.

What are gaming accessories?

JB’s range of gaming accessories can help you get the edge you’re looking for. The right gaming accessories can make a big difference in both short and long gaming sessions. And whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gamer, you’re gaming experience will be enhanced with the right gear. Gaming accessories are the extra bits that usually don’t come with your gaming bundle when you buy it. At JB, we have gaming accessories for both PC and consoles, including:

What gaming accessories do I need?

Getting the right gaming accessories can depend on what games you play and how often you play them. Seasoned gamers can never get enough gaming accessories and hang out for the latest and best gaming accessories to hit the market. For others, cheap gaming accessories can be more the target, relying on great deals to take their video gaming to the next level. The good news is, at JB we have both. There are a few gaming accessories that are staples for all gamers, including:

  • Monitors. The best accessories for gamers can include high-res monitors with zero lag.
  • Controllers. Most consoles come with at least one. It’s always handy to have a spare or two lying around. Or upgrade for a better gaming experience.
  • Gaming headsets. These are gaming essentials, especially if you’re playing multi-player online games. And they’re great for keeping the noise down in your house, too.
  • Gaming mice and keyboards. PC or laptop gaming is great, but it’s better to do it with faster, stronger keyboards and mice.

What are the best gaming accessories?

The best place to start with gaming accessories are big brands. And JB is the best place to get those big brands. Big brands mean reliability, durability, and great design. Big brands also mean the latest technology, which is key when you’re talking gaming accessories. And at JB, big brands also mean great value and top prices. We’ve got the biggest brands in gaming accessories instore and online including:

What’s a good gift for gamers?

Gamers love deals. They also love gifts. And gaming accessories can be a great gift. So, here’s a few gift ideas for gamers of all levels. Trust us, they’ll love you for them.

  • Games console drives. Hard-drive storage and SDXC cards allow for games to be saved and played. And if you’ve got a heap of games, the extra space is always appreciated.
  • Game capture and streaming. A lot of gamers love playing and streaming their games live. To do that they’ll need streaming tech, and lights and greenscreens for the full effect.
  • Racing and flight-sim gear. These gaming accessories can put you in the action.
  • Gaming chairs. These are a big deal. Get comfy and stay comfy with our big range.

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