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Content Creation

Whether you’re live streaming, vlogging, producing music, gaming or podcasting, having the right gear can make a big difference to the quality of your content. JB has a huge range of content creation equipment to help you get the best result possible, from beginners, through to enthusiasts and professionals.

What equipment do I need for live streaming?

Capturing your game and streaming it on your favourite platform is pretty simple with a few key pieces of equipment. You’ll be ready in no time for your audience on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

  • Capture card - There are a couple of options, including ones you can plug in to your USB, or special cards for inside your PC.
  • Stream deck - Stream and record by adjusting audio, switching mics, and adding a bit of flair.
  • Webcam - Capture perfect angle every time, with super-high resolution.
  • Green screen - Use a green screen to put you in the foreground and your game in the background.
  • Microphone - A USB mic will give your great broadcast quality. If you want to take it to the next level you can mount your mic on a boom arm so you have more room to move.

How do I set up a camera for live streaming?

If you’re setting up a livestream cam here are a few simple tips that can make your content look a little more pro.

Choose the right camera - The best camera for streaming can simply be the one on your phone, tablet or laptop, but if you want to up the ante then spend a little more and buy a webcam.

  • Choose the right camera - The best camera for streaming can simply be the one on your phone, tablet or laptop, but if you want to up the ante then spend a little more and buy a webcam.
  • Use a tripod - It might seem like a small thing, but keeping your livestream cam steady helps your fans focus on you, rather than trying to keep you in focus.
  • Lights - Never under-estimate the benefit of good lighting. You can get some simple lights that either fit around your camera, or bigger ones on stands -try to get at least two if you can, one for each side of the camera.
  • Gimbal - If your livestream cam is on the move with you, a gimbal or selfie stick can make shooting on the go a lot easier.
  • Microphone - Don’t forget the right mic and stand. They’re always better than the ones in the camera.

How do I use game capture cards?

Game capture cards are perfect for recording or streaming from your PC or gaming console. You can buy game capture devices at JB, and all you need to do is either connect them to your device via USB or install them inside your hard drive if you have a desktop PC. A few things to look out for when buying game capture devices include:

Power - Get one that can handle what you’re doing with your camera, mic, and the game.

Quality resolution - 4K HDR is a great option.

No delay - Buy a capture card that has low latency

Stream - Choose a capture card that links to the right streaming platforms.

What equipment do I need to create my podcast?

The great thing about podcasts is how easy they are to create. All you need is a good idea, some cool content, and a little bit of podcast equipment.


The built-in ones on your phone or device won’t be up to the task. A condenser microphone will pick up everything in a room, and dynamic podcast microphones will be more directional. A USB microphone or an XLR microphone are the two best options.

Recording Device

A laptop or desktop computer. should be fine. You can also a use a phone or tablet.

Audio Mixer

If you choose an XLR microphone or want to use two microphones, you will need a mixer or USB Audio Interface link to connect it to your computer.


 Recording software will allow you to edit your takes and mix your sounds effects.

What equipment do I need to start vlogging?

Vlogging, or video blogging, is huge. And that’s not really a surprise, given people love seeing what others do and hearing what they think. Vlogging is also so popular because it’s really easy to do, and at JB we have a heap of great value vlogger gear to help you get started.

  • Vlogging cameras
  • Vlogging lights
  • Audio gear
  • Camera tripods
  • Laptop to edit

What if I’m vlogging on the go?

A travel vlog means you’re usually always on the road, and filming in conditions that don’t always give you high quality conditions. So, think of grabbing some extra gear to help you get the best quality outcome.

  • Selfie stick or small tripod - They allow you to vlog on the go, get the right angles and free up your hands.
  • External mic. - Something like a lapel microphone helps you block out any background noise. Or a directional microphone with a wind shield is great for interviews. 
  • Laptop - Recording and editing on the go still needs a bit of power, so choose something with long battery life and fast processing.
  • External drive - Editing via an external hard drive means you can store more.

What is the best camera for vlogging?

High quality vlogging cameras or streaming cameras can go a long way to helping you produce high quality content. There’s a heap of different options, from vlogging cameras for beginners all the way up to professionals.

  • High Performance Compact Cameras - Great when you're on the move and need a camera that will keep up with you.
  • Mirrorless camera - Like a DSLR but more compact, less buttons and great low light performance.
  • Video camera - A nice alternative as a step up from a phone or device. Is as good as a vlogging camera with a flip screen.
  • Action camera - Great for those times you know you’ll be muddy, wet or might drop your camera.

What equipment do I need for music production?

The great thing about music production and DJ equipment is there’s no right answer to how much you can have. Here’s some gear you should consider, based on what type of music you’re into and what gear you want to own for yourself:

You’ll also need some editing software, and some hard drives to store it all.

What microphone is best for recording?

A directional microphone is best for picking up a specific noise or instrument. If you want something that will capture noise from a wider area, a condenser microphone could be the perfect choice. And get a pop filter so you can stop peaks from ruining your vocals or sound.