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Shop OLED TVs at JB for big brands and great value. JB’s OLED TVs give you a billion colours and top-quality picture and sound, all powered by the latest generation processors. Our OLED TVs are perfect for movies, sport, and gaming, and their designs will look stunning in every room in the house.

Are OLED TVs better?

A lot of people have an OLED TV on their television wish list. And it’s easy to see why. They have a heap of features, the latest technology on the market, and some amazing designs that will impress and look great in every room. Here are some key features OLED TVs have to offer.

  • Powerful processors. It’s one thing to see the picture quality, but it’s another to understand the power that creates it. Quality processors in OLED TVs result in fast refresh rates, deeper images, accurate and clear colours, and big sound. The best ones can even understand how we see and hear things (such as LG’s ThinQ).
  • Stunning designs. Quality TVs look good when they’re on and when they’re off. Our OLED TVs feature slim designs that suit your style and your wall.
  • Quality screens. When it comes down to it, TVs are all about viewing experience. And this is where OLED TVs Deep blacks, amazing colours, refined detail, bright images and an industry leading picture whatever you’re watching.
  • Cinema sound. Feel the action as well as see it with TVs that feature Dolby sound, speakers built into the screen, and soundbars.
  • Quality resolution. Upscale your old shows or movies to 4K and watch them like never before.
  • Connectivity. All the Smart TV features, including hand’s free voice control. There’s almost no need for a remote control any more.

What’s the difference between an OLED and a LED?

When we talk about OLED and LED TVs, we’re talking about types of screens. It’s not about the resolution, but the technology that allows those different resolutions to happen. There are a few different types of screens on the market today:

  • LED TVs. LED TVs stand for light-emitting diode. All the big brands, including Hisense, Samsung, and TCL have LED models. These screens include an LED backlight with great brightness and black levels.
  • OLED TVs. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. Each pixel you see is a self-contained source of colour and light. Because of this, it doesn’t need a separate backlight. The difference is an instant picture with no lag, and really deep blacks. A QLED TV is another type of screen popular with big brands. It uses quantum-dot technology, which  helps produce better brightness and colour accuracy.

Why OLED TVs are so popular

Why upgrade to an OLED TV? Upgrading your TV to an OLED TV gives you:

  • More features: From designs to quality resolution, you’ll love the extra things an OLED TV offers.
  • Big brands. Some of the world’s biggest home entertainment brands manufacture OLED TVS.
  • Price. JB’s range means top prices, and new models.
  • Latest technology. An OLED TV includes all the new tech on the market, tech you’ll love.
  • Easy Connectivity. HDMI 2.1 and range of different ports means OLED TVs are the perfect combo with Blu-Ray players, game consoles, laptops, and more.
  • Accessories. Gift cards come in handy with an OLEDT TV for accessories such as home theatre speakers.

You can also check out our TV Finder Tool to help you choose when deciding to buy a new TV.

Are OLED TVs Smart TVs?

Smart TVs aren’t just the way of the future, they’re the way of the present as well. All the latest OLED TVs online and instore at JB are Smart TVs. In fact, most new TVs sold in Australia are Smart TVs. An OLED Smart TV from JB gives you all the quality technology and features mentioned above, as well as:

  • Smart Home connection. As an Android TV, our OLED TVs will work with Apple or Google TV, as well as the relevant Connected Home systems. Click on each TV to find out more.
  • Media Streaming. Easily stream Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, whatever you subscribe to. You can also use your Smart TV for your favourite music streaming apps.
  • Apps. Connect your TV to any other apps you regularly use.

What size OLED TV is best?

Finding the best OLED TV for you can come down to getting the right screen size. JB has a range of different screen sizes to choose form, from 42 inches up to 65 inches. TVs are measured in inches diagonally across the screen. One of the best ways to see whether a TV size suits the wall you want to put it on is to place a tape measure across the wall and visualise the different sizes. A few other things to think about when choosing the right size include:

  • Distance. Understand how far away from the TV you will be sitting. One rule is to multiply the screen size by about 1.2, to give you the distance you should be from the TV.
  • Angle. What angle are you viewing your TV from? Ideally, your eyes should be in the centre of the screen. So, work out what sized screen fits the angle you want.

What is OLED 4K TV?

Checking the resolution of the screen you want is also a big part of choosing the right OLED TV. Resolution basically means the number and setup of pixels in your screen. There are a few different options across our TV range.

  • HDR. High-Definition Resolution is what you get in a HD TV. It’s the lowest resolution on the market and is mostly found in smaller TVs, but is perfect if you want a quality appliance and have a tight budget.
  • Full HD. Full HD is what we know as 1920p x 1080p resolution. It’s the quality of resolution you get from a Blu-Ray player.
  • Ultra HD. Ultra HD is also known as 4K UHD and it’s the best resolution in widespread use across all brands and content today. There are four-times as many pixels than Full HD.
  • 8K. 8K is the latest player on the market and will be the future of TVs. There isn’t much content shot on 8K at the moment, but stay tuned.

Each of the above is a gradual step up in the number of pixels from the one before. More pixels mean better, crisper images.

What brand is best for me?

Buying a TV at JB Hi-Fi means choosing from all the big brands. Big brands mean great value, latest technology, and wide range of selections. . OLED TV models and brands to look out for include:

  • Sony OLED TVs. Such as the impressive Bravia XR Master Series and Google TV,
  • LG OLED TVs. LG has a big range, including the OLED EVO, LG C1, LG C2, LG G2, LG G1 and LG A2 ranges.
  • Samsung OLED TVs. Samsung has a new OLED range, available in 55” or 65”.

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