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Get your vlogging career off to the best possible start with JB’s big range of vlogging gear. We’ve got all the big brand cameras, lights, microphones and tripods you need to create quality vlogging content straight away. And all our vlogging gear is easy to use, great value and full of the latest tech.

New Exclusive #influencer Range at JB Hi-Fi

The new #influencer range offers a solution to all vlogging needs, transforming your space into a professional home studio.

The Vlog Starter Kit, Selfie Ring Light and Microphone Boom Arm Kit are perfect for beginners looking to produce a new video blog or record casual videos with their smart phones.

For YouTubers wanting to add some special effects to their videos, look no further than the Reversible 200x150cm Green Screen!

What do I need to start a vlog?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to know that people love watching what other people do, and hearing their everyday thoughts, views and stories. Enter vlogging, or video blogging. Vlogging is huge, and it’s no longer just about holding your phone and hitting record. Good vloggers deliver a level of quality when it comes to their content and gear that helps them gain a following. The good news is it’s not that hard to reach that level, and it doesn’t need to cost heaps.

The first few things you need to start are vlog are:

  • A good idea - Make sure the topic is interesting and work out who the audience is – who’s going to watch or listen to it.
  • Ears or eyes? - Is it going to be a podcast or a video, or both?
  • Engaging content - Even if it’s just about your day, make it interesting.
  • Plan ahead - Work out where you’re going to put your vlog (You Tube, Instagram etc) and how and where you’re going to record it.
  • Think reach - Work out how to get it in front of as many people as possible and how you’re going to engage with your audience.

But all this stuff is only half the journey. Now you’ll need the gear to make it all happen. And that’s where JB comes in.

What do I need to make my vlog look good?

In the past, balancing a phone on some books and making a video in your bedroom surrounded by fluorescent lights was acceptable. But not anymore. Big tech brands have realised vloggers are an important customer, and they’ve developed a heap of great tech that is also great value. That means it’s not hard and not expensive to make a good first impression. And in the world of vlogging, first impressions matter, big time.

So, what to get? Even though the equipment is good value, you don’t have to start with absolutely everything. You can start small and work your way up, but if you want a good setup from the beginning, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, especially at JB. This is what you need:

  • Camera - Your phone can be fine, but it’s better to have at least one more camera, and one that’s built specifically for the job.
  • Lights - They make a big difference.
  • A tripod or gimbal - A steady vlog is a good vlog.
  • Microphone - We want to hear you, not your whole house.

Do I need to spend a lot on a good camera?

No, at JB you don’t, and it’s good to buy at last one camera that’s designed for filming. Having different angles can create a bit of movement in your vlog, especially if you’re not shooting on the go. Whether you’re sitting, standing or dancing, having two cameras set up in slightly different spots can add that extra level of professionalism and value to your vlog without really trying. It also means you can zoom one camera up close and have another taking wider shots, bringing the two together during editing.

There are heaps of cameras that are perfect for vlogging:

  • DLSR - These are the ones the pro photographers use, and they shoot great video. The good news is at JB we have so many big brands they’re all great value.
  • Mirrorless - Similar to a DSLR but with less moving parts. Top-quality at a great price.
  • Camcorder - A great in-between step that will perform brilliantly inside or outside. And simple to use.
  • Action Camera - All the action cameras are big value at JB. They’re great if you’re on the go and can be a handy second camera for an inside vlog for that wider shot.

Can I just get someone to hold my camera?

One thing everyone knows is a good video is a still video. Even if you’re walking around the streets or vlogging from your favourite tourist spot, keeping things stable is important. So, rather than getting another person involved, make vlogging easier by using any of these options:

  • Tripod - There’s a heap to choose from and they all offer different features, depending on what you want to do.
  • Monopod - Like tripods but a little easier to carry. Can be a good option if you’re behind the camera looking for outside content.
  • Gimbal - Perfect for single-handed shooting or filming on the go. Extra stability.
  • Selfie Stick - Lifestyle and travel vloggers swear by them. Great anywhere, especially on the go. 

Does sound matter?

Yes, it does. While camera or phone microphones are great, they’re designed to bring in noise from as wide an area as possible. That’s great if you’re talking on the phone, but not great when you’re recording a video. The end result is noise is brought in from everywhere, and if you’re vlogging at home or in a public spot, that can cause problems. With vlogging, all we really want to hear is what’s being said in front of the camera, which is why directional or handheld microphones are best. There’s plenty at JB, they’re all great value and they should sit on top of your camera pretty easily.

What about lighting?

Lighting is another of those things that won’t cost much but will make a big difference. The lights in your house will look yellow on camera and will throw shadows all over your face, especially if you’re sitting directly under them (try it now). There’s a heap of LED light options at JB, and they come with filters, which can help create warmth in your vlog. Here’s a few ideas on where to put your lighting:

  • In front - If you only have one light, then put it on top or just behind your camera, pointing straight at you. Use a tripod or light stand to attach it to.
  • Either side - If you can, two lights are always better than one. Put each one at about a 45-degree angle to you. This cross lighting will fill in any shadows.
  • Behind - Lighting your background can make your vlog look professional. Any shadows from the other lights will be filled in, and your cool background will be highlighted. A good tip is to try to light your background from the ground up.