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Electric Scooters & Boards

Shop JB for the latest in electric transportation vehicles and make travelling extra fun and extra easy. Our range includes electric scooters, bikes, skateboards, and go karts, as well as all the accessories and replacement parts you’ll need. Big brands include Segway, Daxys, and Livall.

What rideables can I choose from?

Electric rideables are much more than a brilliant way to get around. They’re efficient, great for the environment, help you save on fuel costs, and are perfect for the commuter or on-road and off-road recreational user. JB’s range of electric transportation uses rechargeable lithium batteries to power your ride, and is full of the latest technology and features. Shop JB for:

Find out more about our electric scooters, bikes & boards below, and checkout our Buying Guide and tips.

Are electric bikes worth it?

The benefits of riding an electric bike are clear. On top of the exercise you get, they have a heap of features you’ll love. E-bikes give you anywhere between 50km and 100km of charge depending on which one you choose. They’re extra flexible, with a heap of different options to suit both your style and your needs. Electric bikes are also built tough, are lightweight and easy to store, and give you a heap of power for both steep hills and around town. Use our finder tool to help you find the best bike:

What are the features of e-scooters?

Avoid sitting in traffic with an e-scooter from JB Hi-Fi. As far as electric rides go, e-scooters are one of our best sellers. You’ll love the technology such as app connectivity, clear displays, cooled motors and self-repairing tyres. Other features include:

  • Powerful motors
  • Long battery lives
  • Easy controls
  • Safety focus
  • Smooth rides
  • Stunning designs

Find the best electric scooter for you by clicking on our range of foldable, seated, and off-road models.

How do electric skateboards work?

Electric skateboards do all the hard work for, with small battery-powered motors pushing you along. A hand-held remote control allows you to handle the skate speed, and you steer in the same way you do a regular skateboard. Discover the features of JB’s electric skateboards in-store and online:

  • Leading brands. JB’s range of big brands means reliability, durability, and a quality manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Top designs. Carbon fibre or bamboo e-boards look great and are built tough for both street and off road Some models can carry up to 120kg.
  • Connectivity. Customise your look with the right App.
  • Long range. Enjoy the benefits of travelling up to 65km at a time.
  • Grunt. JB’s range includes models with up to 3000 watts for high speeds and heavy loads.
  • Safety. Brake lights, responsive brakes, and automatic cut-offs are impressive features.
  • Fast charge. Charge while at work or at home in only a few hours.
  • Convenient. Compact, lightweight, and easy to store.

Do you need a license to ride an e-bike or e-scooter in Australia?

It’s important to spend a bit of time finding out what your local laws and regulations are for electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and go-karts before buying one. Regulations can differ Australia-wide. Laws in some parts of Melbourne or Sydney may not be the same as those in other states, or even in rural areas. Depending on how powerful your rideable is, you may need to have a license before being allowed to ride in some parts of Australia.

How much does an electric scooter bike cost?

One of the main benefits of choosing an e-scooter from a leading retailer such as JB is we’re the home of big brands. That means top prices and great value for all your e-ride solutions: e-scooters to e-bikes to e-boards. You can check out our deals in-store, and use the online filter to search by price. It’s there to help you find e-scooters that fit into your budget. Read our blog on the best e-scooters to find out more information about your options.

Can I buy accessories at JB?

JB has you covered for accessories, spare parts, and replacement parts, no matter what electric transportation you’re after. Shop e-transportation parts & accessories at JB Hi-Fi for top prices on:

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