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LG OLED TVs take movies, television shows and gaming to a different level. 4K resolution, paired with OLED's self-lit pixel capabilities allow for deeper shades of black and excellent clarity. You'll enjoy every minute of your entertainment.


LG QNED TVs are a leap in MiniLED television technology from LG. QNED televisions offer an impressive visual experience and rich, accurate colours.


Nano Colour technology is designed to change the way you view everything on your TV. LG’s NanoCell TVs deliver incredible picture quality and colour to your living room, no matter where you're sitting.


Get ready to experience the power of UHD Television with sharp 4K picture, and AI Sound Pro. LG UHD TVs allow you to enhance your gaming experience with built in Game Optimiser & ALLM.

Home Audio

Sound Bars

Get big sound from a small unit with LG Sound Bars. Simple and versatile, LG Sound Bars can be used underneath a TV or mounted to the wall, and even allows for wireless streaming from your mobile over Bluetooth.


Refresh your sound in every moment. Clear & Spatial sound with Meridian Audio, Self Cleaning Technology with UV Nano and a Concha shaped design for a comfortable fit. (FP Series)


French Door Fridges

LG French Door fridges are designed to tick all the boxes, and come in 3-door and 4-door options with the freezer always below. Make your next fridge an LG French Door Refrigerator and experience the very definition of luxury in the kitchen.

Side by Side Fridges

With the freezer on the left, the refrigerator on the right, the LG side-by-side refrigerator range makes it easier to grab either frozen or refrigerated foods, and brings innovation and style to your kitchen like never before.

Top Mount Fridges

Why mess with a classic design? Tradition meets technology with LG’s line of top mount fridges. With the freezer compartment up top and new, innovative styling, LG top mount refrigerators bring a new look and feel to a timeless fridge design.

Washing Machines

Front Loader Washing Machines

Quiet, reliable and easy to use with a host of innovative features, LG front loader washing machines are designed to make your life easier.

Top Loader Washing Machines

Highly-efficient LG top loader washing machines are available in a range of capacities from 6.5kg up to 14-15kg, making it easy to find a top loading washing machine that fits your space and suits your household.


Own the power of washing two loads of clothing at one go, with LG Twin Load Washing Machines.

Washer Dryer Combos

Discover an all-in-one experience with LG washer dryer combos. Ideal for locations where a separate washer and dryer won’t fit, a washer dryer combo offers a space-efficient laundry solution that’s stylish and powerful.


Smart choice for the next 20 years

A single piece of tempered glass on the front door creates a modern, stylish appearance.

Energy Efficient & No External Venting Required

The heat pump technology uses a fraction of the energy to dry clothes so it’s lighter on your electricity bill. LG Condenser Dryers remove the need to fit external venting kits in your laundry making installation easier.

Prevent over Drying with Sensor Dry

Multiple sensors on the LG dryer monitor the heat exchange, moisture and air temperature for optimal drying results. The sensors automatically control the drying time and temperature based on the selected program and help prevent over drying.


Sleek Minimalist Design

A single piece of tempered glass on the front door creates a modern, stylish appearance.

Fast Cooking

Reduce cooking and reheating time with up to 1200W of power, compared to a 1000W LG conventional microwave oven.

Anti-Bacterial Coating

The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior coating makes cleaning simple and convenient. Just a few wipes are all it takes to clean the microwave interior. The coating eliminates 99.99 percent* of harmful bacteria from the surface.


Clean from Multiple Angles

Featuring a bottom spray arm mechanism with four rotating blades, two of which incorporate an oscillating nozzle to deliver jets of water at multiple angles.

Quiet, Efficient & Reliable

The LG Direct Drive Motor is designed with less moving parts to provide reliable, quiet performance.

Dual Zone Wash

Gently clean your delicate dishes while power-washing dirty pots and pans with the Dual Zone Wash option. Water spray intensity delivered to the upper and lower racks is varied to suit the items being washed in each rack.


Handstick Vacuum Cleaners

Experience truly cordless freedom from LG. The cordless handstick vacuum cleaner from LG is compact and lightweight offering ease and convenience whilst cleaning your home.

Robot Vacuums

Clean your floors without lifting a finger. Featuring advanced technology, the LG Roboking robot vacuum uses onboard cameras to analyse your home, map its path and efficiently clean your space.