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Smart lighting

JB’s range of smart lighting has bulbs, kits, and controls that work with all the major Connected Home ecosystems. Smart lighting is simple to connect and use, and gives you a heap of flexibility around your home. Replace your existing lighting, or create stunning designs in different rooms.

What are smart lights?

Smart lights are one of the most popular Connected Home products on the market. And it’s no surprise given what they can do and how easy they are to install. A smart lighting system is simply smart light bulbs connected either through your Wi-Fi or your smartphone, or both. You can get Smart home lights in a heap of different styles, including:

  • Smart light strip lighting
  • Hexagon
  • Pendant
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Flood light
  • Wall lamp
  • Outdoor smart lights
  • Festive lights
  • Smart light globes

And you can choose smart lights from some of the biggest brands in the world, including:

How do smart lights work?

A smart LED light is all about big technology. They talk to your phone or your Connected Home hub via radio signals, just like every other smart device in your home. And that gives you a heap of benefits, including:

  • App and voice control
  • Programmable
  • Group them or run then separately
  • Music synching

How do you set up smart lights?

Setting up smart lights is simple. They connect to the light fitting with the same brackets as regular lights – screw or bayonet. And make sure you have the right wattage. All smart LED bulbs will be compatible with a smart home assistants, such as:

So, make sure you have the right lights for your system. The best smart lights are as easy to set up as your other smart home products, including:

So, if you have set any of those up in the past, installing smart lighting will be a breeze. Most smart lighting comes with their own Apps, which you can use to control them as well. Check how each product works while you’re at home and away. You may need a bridge to communicate between your smartphone and your lights if you’re solely using the App. But the App will let you know all that.

Are smart lights energy efficient?

One of the questions our team gets asked a lot is how much does it cost to run smart lighting? Given they’re permanently connected to your Wi-Fi or your smartphone, even when they’re not on, that’s a fair question. The good news is the difference in running costs between a smart light and a regular bulb is hardly noticeable. We’re talking cents difference over a whole year. And smart lighting gives you so much more than regular lighting, such as:

  • Voice or app control
  • 16 million colours in each bulb
  • Cool wall designs

In fact, smart lighting may even save you money. No longer will you have to stress about leaving a light on while you go away from the weekend or for the Christmas break.

Are smart lights safe?

Smart lights are no more of a security risk than any other smart device in your home, such as a TV, speaker, or washing machine. Set a strong password and try to connect to your smart home hub for total peace of mind.

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