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A brand that delivers for your ears

Headphones have to be tough, and by choosing a big brand such as Bose you know you’re getting something that’ll last. Headphones need to be built to survive life on the go, being thrown in bags and grabbed out, twisted and dropped and used in all kinds of environments. But they also need to be comfy. Whether you’re running, riding or doing Pilates, it’s important headphones feel like they’re not there. And if you’re sitting on a sofa or a bus listening to music or streaming a show, all-day lightweight comfort is a big thing. By choosing Bose you’re choosing more than just one of the world leaders in headphones. You’re choosing quality, comfort and durability.

Technology that makes a difference

Everyone expects more from today’s headphones, and with JB’s Bose range you’ll get it. They deliver premium audio, are full of all the latest tech stuff, and, importantly, all look great. There’s no better place to start talking about tech than by mentioning the Bose range includes headphones that are the first in the world to have Google Assistant built in.

You can play music, receive texts, manage tasks and search Google all with your voice. Just press the Action button and you’re away. Long battery life means you’ll never be caught out away from home or work without connection, and Bose headphones give you great sound at any volume. If you’re at home with a low volume, maybe in bed alongside your partner, or on a busy street with the volume turned up, you’ll get the same consistent quality.

However, noise cancelling is where Bose really steps up the tech. Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology transports you to a place where it’s just you and your music, all at the flip of a switch. It measures the noise outside your headphones, compares that to what’s going on inside them, and adjusts to give you the best sound possible. There are even three different noise cancelling levels to better fit whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. You can even use the free Bose app to adjust the noise-cancelling level, or use it to easily shift between devices.

No matter what kind of headphones you’re after, design and comfort is a big deal. Bose headphones are ergonomic, comfortable and made of premium material. All that means they are sweat and weather resistant when they have to be, and some of them are made out of the same soft covering material used on yachts and high-end cars.

Value at all levels

Finding the right headphones can be hard work, but with Bose you’re guaranteed a huge selection and hot deals, especially at JB. We have Bose in-ear wired, in-ear wireless, over-ear wireless and on-ear headphones in a heap of different colours and models, all purpose-built and very practical, whether you need them for playing sport, travelling of just making the most out of your entertainment at home. With big variety comes great value and a range of prices, meaning you’ll find what you want, no matter your budget.