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Beko Washing Machines - Hassle free laundry for peace of mind with Autodose Technology

With Autodose there’s no need to determine the perfect amount of detergent or softener for each wash anymore. It’s done automatically for you.

Save water, energy and detergent.

Autodose delivers perfect results

1. Fill up the tray with detergent & softener once.
2. Sensors detect the weight of your washing.
3. The optimal amount of detergent & softener is dispensed.
4. Resulting in perfect cleaning & rinsing results.
5. Wash up to 23 times without refilling (based on AutoDose default setting)

Prosmart Invertor Motor - 10 year parts warranty

All Beko washing machines have a brushless inverter motor with no friction. This enables better energy efficiency and providing improved durablility. With 4 Star Energy rating, all Beko Washing machines with the Prosmart Inverter motor come with a 10 year Parts warranty on the motor.

Special cycles

The Pet Hair Removal function can lend you a helping hand. It has a pre-wash and a special extra rinsing program that will help minimise the pet hair on your laundry. Its Exclusive to Beko washing machines.

The Stain Expert™ Program addresses 24 different types of stains with superior cleaning performance compared to normal cotton washes.

The Anti-Allergy+ cycle means you can remove most allergens from your laundry. At any temperature between 60°C to 90°C, you can be assured the majority of allergens will be removed from your wash. Anti-Allergy+ cycle is approved by Allergy UK.

Get it done quicker - daily quick 28' cycle

Provides fast washing at low temperature for your daily laundry.
All Beko washing machines have a daily program to wash a full capacity of laundry in just 28 minutes at 30 °C.
Or make it even faster with the Fast+ Function and reduce the time of the cycle by up to 55%. Decrease the washing duration with the best cleaning performance.

Washer/dryer combo

If you are looking to make the most of limited space in your home, a washer dryer is the perfect way of keeping clothes clean, fresh, and dry – all in one appliance. It saves space and is energy efficient.
The Beko Washer Dryer Combo features a Wash & Wear Cycle so you can wash & dry a 1 kg load (about 5 business shirts) in 1 hour or 2 shirts (0.5kg) in 40mins.
With Ionguard® Technology the Refresh Program enables 1 kg of clothes (cotton, synthetic, delicate, excl. woollens) to be refreshed in 30 mins. It removes damp or musty smells and even BBQ smells.

Beko Heat Pump Dryers

Ensure perfect drying results while keeping your energy costs down.

Save time, energy and your clothes with a Heat Pump dryer. Using a lower temperature to dry the load, a Heat Pump tumble dryer offers better protection for your clothes. Whilst it takes slightly longer to dry a load compared to a standard condenser dryer, it can help you significantly reduce your energy consumption.

Rapidry™ Technology

The hybrid tumble dryer merges a heater and heat pump technology. This enables customers to have the flexibility of program duration or energy consumption.
8 Star Energy Rating for 8 kg (Cupboard Dry) with Heat Pump duration is 210 min.
6 Star Energy Rating for 8 kg (Cupboard Dry) with RapiDry (Hybrid) duration is 175 min.

Prosmart Inverter Motor – 10 Year Parts Warranty

Beko Tumble dryers with a brushless inverter motor have no friction. This enables better energy efficiency and providing improved durablility. Beko Tumble Dryers with the Prosmart Inverter motor come with a 10 year Parts warranty on the motor.

Wool Protect Program

Beko tumble dryers have WoolMark® Apparel Care, so you can take care of your machine-washable precious woollens too.

New Beko Dishwashers – More flexible, easier to use, new inner design

The new Beko dishwasher range is designed to enhance the beauty of your kitchen and to bring comfort and convenience into your life through smart and meaningful solutions.

Extra Large Capacity: 16 Place Setting

Perfect for big, busy families, it’s large capacity means you can wash all your dishes, even large pots and pans, in one load, saving time and energy.
The flexibility of the top cutlery tray, unique shape of the top basket and foldable tines throughout the dishwasher allows you to fit more in… so you can fit it all in, in one wash.

Hassle Free Cleaning: EverClean™ Filter

You need to clean your dishwasher filter less often thanks to the extra rinse and self-cleaning filter function. Clean the filter 4 times less often.
World’s first filter cleaning technology.
A special sprinkler system rinsing out the inside of the filter for up to 80% less dirt accumulation in the filter.

Flexibility To Suit All Your Needs

The flexibility of the top cutlery tray, unique shape of the top basket and foldable tines throughout the dishwasher allows you to fit more in… so you can fit it all in, in one wash.
Sliding Cutlery tray, 3 Height adjustable top basket and tray wash accessory gives you the extra flexibility you need.

Powerful Cleaning - AquaIntense®

Beko’s AquaIntense® provides up to 5 times better cleaning results even for heavily soiled pots and pans.
The AquaIntense® function provides higher water pressure to the power zone reserved for pots and pans in the lower basket.
The Intensive 70 program is specifically designed to wash heavily soiled dishes, pots and pans at 70oC.
By washing at this higher temperature, more heavy soiled pots, pans and dishes are cleaned more effectively.

Beko fridges reduce your fresh food wastage

Australians throw away approximately $8 billion worth of food and waste four million tonnes of edible food each year. In addition, Australians discard up to 20 per cent of the food they purchase, which equates to one out of every five bags of groceries bought.
With a range of innovative and advanced technologies, Beko is helping families keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and help to reduce the amount of groceries that end up in the bin only a short time after purchase. .

Fresher, Crunchier Fruit & Veggies – Everfresh+®

The air in a fridge is dry, but your fresh fruit and vegetables breath naturally in the Beko Everfresh+ crisper. We vent air across the crisper roof to control the dew point which prevents condensation – in a conventional crisper water droplets would fall back down onto the fresh fruit and vegetables spoiling them.
It keeps your fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh longer than normal so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling in between your weekly shop.

Sustains & Nurtures Vitamins & Nutrients – Active Fresh Blue Light

Keeping fresh food in a dark environment causes vitamins to degrade.
The Beko fridge introduces blue light into the fresh food compartment, which studies have shown will preserve the vitamins and nutrients in your fresh fruit and vegetables.
It protects vitamin C intensity in fruits and vegetables and keeps the natural flavours and nutrition in your food.

2 is Better than 1 - Neofrost™ Dual Cooling

Most fridges use a single refrigeration system blowing freezing air from the freezer section into the fridge.
Beko fridges use 2 separate cooling systems, 1 for the fridge and a separate 1 for the freezer, maintaining the ideal temperature for each zone.
Now your delicate soft fruit like watermelon or cucumber won’t become frosted, whilst your freezer will keep food properly frozen.
Keeps fresh food fresh and frozen food frozen.

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