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Big brands that produce the goods

The biggest names in appliances are also the biggest names in heating and cooling, and you can find them all at JB. Kelvinator, Panasonic, Dyson, Mitsubishi, Sunbeam and Kambrook are just some of the big sellers you’ll find in our range. They’re the best because they do it so well, whether it’s split systems, pedestal or tower fans, box air conditioners or air purifiers and de-humidifiers. Whatever heating or cooling system or appliance you’re after, check out the brands you can trust online or instore at JB.

All the stuff you need to know

Heating and cooling is all about efficiency, design and the latest technology, whether you’re upgrading or replacing, or renovating you’re home and looking for a whole new system. Our range includes split systems with technology to make them quiet, and easy and efficient to operate. You can control them with your phone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the house or anywhere in the world, and even choose your favourite temperature to ensure you get things just the way you like them. State-of-the-art timers make sure heaters and coolers don’t waste energy when you’re not there, but that everything is perfect when you arrive home.

Some of our split system models also include the next generation of refrigerants, which mean they are less of a risk to the environment than others. Your home environment is also protected, with our heating and cooling range including split systems with built-in air purifiers.
Technology is also a big thing for our fans. Our range includes models that can push air more than 30 metres, giving you huge reach inside your home. Some of our fans even have temperature controls, and can be both heaters and coolers, meaning they won’t be stuck in a cupboard for half the year. And at JB we are huge on safety when it comes to all our appliances, especially our heaters and coolers. That’s why we also stock fans that are easy to move and direct, and designed to avoid tipping.
Having an efficient heater or cooler is a big deal, which is why when you choose an appliance from JB you’re choosing from models that are designed to save energy. Whether it’s using inverter technology, timers, faster heating and cooling, even anti-corrosion treatments, reducing power consumption is at the heart of what they’re all about.
Heater and cooler design also plays a big part in efficiency. Our range is designed to work in Australia’s harsh conditions, winter or summer. They’re compact, don’t dominate a room, and look great as well. Our fans look like just another piece of furniture, and come in a heap of colours to match the colour scheme of any room. And they are all designed to be easy to control and move.

Value wherever you look

With so many heating and cooling options to choose from, we can make finding the hottest deals easy. Use our filters to search by price, brand or style, making comparisons a breeze. Having such a big range means you can find options to suit your budget, and our cashback deals mean there’s value aplenty no matter what kind of heating and cooling system you’re after.