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The brand you grew up with

There’s no doubt about it, Sodastream is all about fun. The brand has been around forever, and it has been putting smiles on the faces of children and their parents for generations. Today’s Sodastream range is just as reliable and delicious as it always has been, but new technology has taken it to another level. Check out all the latest Sodastream flavours and designs at JB and all your family memories will come flooding back. ble.

Cool designs and new features

JB’s drink and beverage range has taken convenience to the next level. We know how much families love Sodastream, and we know how much you’ll love everything the new range offers. Modern design means the machines look cool, as well as keep you cool, and they’re easier to use than ever before. And at JB we know the importance of selling products that are environmentally friendly, which is just another reason our Sodastream range is taking off.

What could be easier than making a tasty, flavoured and bubbly drink simply by turning on a tap. That’s what having Sodastream in your kitchen means. You supply the water, and we’ll do the rest. The snap lock mechanisms are very family friendly, making putting the bottles in, and taking them out, almost child’s play. The rest is done at the touch of a button. You can even choose from three different levels of carbonation, allowing you to make your own favourite sparkling flavours in seconds. Some of our Sodastream models include the latest touch-responsive technology and the fizzy canister can be refilled, saving on cost. JB’s range even includes new Sodastream caps. These revolutionary single-use capsules make using Sodastream even more fun, and are made of 100% recyclable material.
Sodastream’s new designs have done more than just move with the times. One of the world’s top style and design visionaries – Yves Behar – has created a new range of simple and beautiful appliances that will look great in any kitchen.
They come in a range of new colours and will fit in with any decor. A key part of the new design is a focus on sustainability. Being able to reuse the canisters and the PET bottles means less waste and less clogging up of waste stations and landfill. Each bottle lasts three years and is 100% recyclable. And, then of course, there is the variety. We all know about the legendary flavours Sodastream is famous for, well now there’s more – way more. As well as cola, cream soda, lemon, lime and ginger beer, there is sugar-free cola and a range of fruit flavours to choose from. Sodastream also has low-calorie options, and a range of drinks that are a good source of a heap of different vitamins.

Still great value

Sodastream has always been great value, and a cheaper alternative to shop-bought drinks. And the latest range is no different. In fact, given the prices of drinks in some convenience stores today, our range could be better value than ever. With each bottle of flavoured syrup making up to 9 litres of sparking water, giving the family the treats they want has probably never been better value.