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Brands that deliver what you want

The big sellers in home appliances are on the shelves at JB, and that’s because the big brands trust us to deliver cracking prices to you. And when you’re looking for a single door fridge, trust is what you’re after. Our fridges are popular because you can trust them to last, and you can depend on big names such as Hisense, Westinghouse, Beko, Electrolux to deliver.

Big features inside and out

Single door fridges are all about having an extra storage option that is flexible, looks great and has the technology needed to make life easier for you and your family. JB’s single door fridge range has a heap of models that have a lot of space. An extra fridge that may also double as an extra freezer can make a huge difference if you’re entertaining, or just help out with the day-to-day organisation of a large family. Having somewhere to put the extra milk, or the meat for the barbie, can be a real bonus. You can even match some of our single door fridge models with upright freezers for maximum space. A key to good storage is design, and our range includes models with some of the highest quality design going around. Starting on the inside, the storage is flexible.

All you need to do is slide and lift to adjust the shelves or the door storage, giving you the right space no matter what you buy at eth supermarket. Even the crispers can be adapted to suit extra veggies or big summer fruit shops. Spill-proof shelving is always a winner, as is LED lighting and easy-to-access and easy-to-use controls. The impressive designs continue outside. Our range includes models with cold water dispensers, and the long doors allow for a sleek touch. Speaking of touch, we also have single door fridges that are fingerprint-free, with special mark-resistant coating; a big bonus for stainless steel models. Reversible hinged doors will help your fridge fit into the space you need it to, and antibacterial seals will keep the food fresh and the nasties at bay.

Our single door fridges are full of all the latest tech stuff that you’ll probably never notice. Cold air is distributed evenly throughout the whole fridge, and when you open the doors on some models, extra coldness kicks in to make up for any lost. On top of that, special odour filters will keep everything smelling the way it should. While you probably won’t notice the technology, what you will notice is that your food will stay colder and fresher for longer, including your fruit and veggies. Humidity controls will make sure of that.

One piece of fridge tech you will definitely notice with some of our models is the ability to freeze things quickly. This is a great function if you urgently need more freezer space. You’ll also notice how energy efficient our single door fridges are. They even have a special holiday mode which knows when you’re away, and realises it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Value over the long term

With such a wide range of single door fridge sizes, you’ll find value with JB’s models no matter what your budget. On top of our cracking prices, choose a model with a high star energy rating to help you save money over the long run. And with our great interest free deals, and extended warranties, there’s no excuse to put off buying one to tomorrow.