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Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate, The

Model: IFBD809FS

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Format - 3D Blu-Ray

Available - 25/05/12

Running Time - 121 mins

Year of Production - 2011

Rating - M


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    Jet Li Iis a crusading warrior, fighting for justice against the corrupt eunuchs who terrorise the country without adequate governance during the Ming Dynasty. The fearful Western Bureau, led by Commander Yu Huatian (Chen Kun), is tearing the land apart in search of Su (Mavis Fan), a palace maid whom the Emperor has impregnated and must now be executed to preserve the bloodline. Su is discovered, but before she can be executed, is rescued by a mysterious warrior claiming to be Zhao Huai'an. After their escape, Su's saviour reveals herself to be Ling Lanqiu (Zhou Xun), though she keeps any further information to herself. In order to leave the region, the women must pass through the remote desert and rest at Dragon Gate Inn. Commander Yu knows this too and sends his best men to cut them off. On arrival at the inn, however, they must batten down the hatches and sit out an approaching storm, along with a gang of dangerous and hostile tribesmen, under the command of their princess (a stunning Gwai Lun Mei). While Ling and Su lurk in the caves under the inn, two travelling warriors arrive, Gu Shaotang (Li Yuchun) and White Blade - who bares an uncanny resemblance to Commander Yu (and is also played by Chen Kun).


    Actors - Li, Jet

    Film Genre - World Cinema

    Label - Wu Xing

    Audio - Cantonese (5.1 Dolby)

    Subtitles - English

    Running Time - 121

    Aspect Ratio - 2.35:1

    Region Coding - B (Blu-Ray)

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - M

    Year of Release - 2011

    Primary Format - Movies/TV - 3D Blu-Ray