Rambo Trilogy

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Format - 3 DVD
Genre - Action
Rating - M
Consumer Advice - Moderate violence, moderate coarse language
Release Date - 27/10/08

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First Blood: Sylvester Stallone stars as larger than life super warrior John Rambo in this gutsy action thriller filmed in the wilds of western Canada. He plays an ex Green Beret, a peacetime misfit haunted by memories of Vietnam. Falling foul of an over zealous small town sheriff (Brian Dennehy), all hell is let loose as he goes on the run. In the life or death manhunt that ensues, he will need all his old skills to stay alive and outwit his pursuers the sheriff, his posse, and more than 200 National Guardsmen.

First Blood Part II: Rambo is released from prison and is sent back to present day Vietnam. His mission: to track down American MIAs. The plan: a parachute into forbidding jungle. With nothing but a serrated knife and a bow with arrows, he is told not to engage the enemy, just to take reconnaissance pictures. Betrayed by his own, Rambo struggles against deadly odds and vows revenge on those who made him an enemy no man, no law, no war can stop him.

Rambo III: John Rambo has gone to live a life of seclusion in an old Buddhist monastery, searching for inner peace. When friend and mentor Col. Trautman (Richard Crenna) visits to ask for his help in a secret mission in Afghanistan, Rambo declines, perferring a life od serenity. Trautman goes it alone and is captured by the enemy. Rambo must now set out to bring his old friend back to safety.
Film GenreAction
LabelUniversal Sony Pictures P/l
Region Coding4
TV StandardPAL
Consumer AdviceModerate violence, moderate coarse language
Year of Release1982
Primary Format - Movies/TVDVD
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