The latest TVs can help you get closer to the action, whether you’re a sports fan who wants to feel like you’re actually there, a movie lover who wants to be part of the story, or a gamer who wants to get the edge. JB Hi-Fi is home to all the big brands including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Hisense and Soniq as well as the latest technology and hottest deals. Check us out online, or visit us instore to discover all you need to know to find the right TV for you.

You’ll find what you want

It makes sense that Australia’s largest home entertainment retailer is the go-to place to find a huge range of the world’s biggest TV brands. We are home to all the big sellers including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Hisense and Soniq. And with cracking prices on all the very latest, as well as the next big things in TV, JB Hi-Fi are the experts in Full HD TV, 4K Ultra HD and OLED TVs and all the accessories you will ever need.

Technology you can see

A big range means big features and big choices. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to new technology, buy a second or third TV for your home, or one for the kids that plays all their favourites, taking the time to find out as much as you can, can really pay off. Start with getting the geeky tech stuff out of the way. There are two main types of TVs on the market today – LED or LCD screens, and OLED screens. The difference is basically the type of illumination. LEDs or LCDs use backlight illumination, but with OLED screens, the pixels illuminate themselves. That can produce some pretty amazing image quality.

The next techy thing to think about is the quality of the picture. There’s HD (high definition), Full HD and Ultra HD. Some of our best sellers feature 4K clarity, which is the best there is. No matter which type of screen you choose, or what quality of resolution you go with, you’ll be blown away by the quality of pictures they produce. If you’re a gamer, a sports fan or someone who loves their movies, today’s TVs allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show like never before. If you’re upgrading, you will be amazed at the difference. See us in store if you have any questions about which one would suit you best.

The latest TVs also give you the chance to bring almost all your screens together. Smart TVs connect to the internet, putting all your viewing in one spot. Smart TVs give you the luxury of being able to switch seamlessly between You Tube, Netflix, Foxtel and your regular digital channels. Link your Smart TV to your Connected Home device, and you can have it all without raising a finger. And despite all the new technology inside our huge range of TVs, they are really easy to set up. There is no big instruction manual with diagrams that are impossible to understand. It’s all simple and straight forward.

The home of great deals

JB is the home of the top sellers when it comes to TVs, and it is also home to top deals. Check out our regular specials, hot prices, and cheap TV range. You can find a heap of quality TVs at cracking prices, and choose from a raft of different options and sizes. Our special TVs with internal DVD players are great for kids, or for watching some of your old favourites. And we wouldn’t be JB without a huge range of extras and accessories, like DVDs, Blu-Rays and recorders, as well as every cabinet, bracket, cable and battery you can think of.